I Need Your Prayers...

Yesterday, I wasn't feeling well. I had a terrible stomach ache and I kept on vomiting. I was not anymore in total shape so I asked my daughter to sent me to the hospital. Now, I am admitted in the hospital and I'm scheduled for an operation for my bladder stones on Saturday at 8:00 AM.

To all my blogger friends... please pray for me. Please pray for my operation this Saturday and please pray for my fast recovery.

I'll be posting about the Lord's goodness about this when I'm better! God bless!

(Note: I just asked my niece to post this so you can pray for me.)

8 Response to "I Need Your Prayers..."

  1. Robyn Says:

    Jesus I lift up Laurnecita to you right now, give her peace about her operation and feeling better. I pray for the doctors hands that are operating on her that they be steady and kind. I also pray Lord that she feels better instantly and recovers quickly.
    In your Name Amen!

  2. genejosh Says:

    you're in our prayers Auntie....

  3. Beth.. One Blessed Nana Says:

    I will be lifting you up in prayer. Feel God's mighty hand upon you during surgery and recovery.

  4. FaYe Says:

    GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD, He is always there to protect you. Just be strong.
    I pray that you will have successful operation and speed recovery.
    My prayers

  5. litlit Says:

    Yes, Nay, I am praying for you. God bless you and take care.

  6. Sush Says:

    God bless!

  7. grace fancubit Says:

    we are praying for you nay... God bless always! WE LOVE YOU!
    You are a blessing to the CLAN!

  8. bea trisha Says:

    don't worry..
    i will add you to my prayers..
    hope you'll be beter soon,,,

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