ys - Pork Chop with veggies


I forgot what menu is this but I remembered it tasted so yummy. This is the food I ordered when we had our dinner with my daughter at the airport (Bangkok) while waiting for our flight going to Vietnam.

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fpf - My Best Friend Birthday


This photo was taken 4 years ago, March 2007 during the birthday celebration of my best friend which was held at Coco Bay. The celebrant is the one sitting while on my right is my daughter, Mayette.. Of course all my family members were present during this occasion.

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wfw - Prayer Meetings


Matthew 18:19 "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven."

Nothing brings people together more than does prayer. You might not have a prayer meeting in your church but why not have one in your home? Meet with other group of friends and focus on prayers for whatever you do, realize that where there are two or three, the very presence of Jesus Christ Himself is in your midst.

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My daughter's Balikbayan friend

Few weeks ago a close friend of Mayet which is also close to our family as we were neighbors before in our old place came to visit us here. Well, to my bloggers friend who are not Filipino, Balikbayan is a term we used when our relatives and friends who are abroad comes back here in our country for a visit or for other reasons and purpose. Our balikbayan friend is the one at our back sitting with her husband. Of course when she left the Philippines she was still single and after a few years of staying in Chicago she got married. For sure, they are a happy couple working together in the Ministry..

ys - Pork


Sorry, I forgot what menu was this.... I ordered this during our dinner with Love on one of the Restaurant at the Bangkok Airport while waiting for our flight to Vietnam. As you can see in the photo it is so yummy.

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fpf - Family Picture


This was taken on July 24, 1988 during the 18nth birthday of Beam. It was held at our Furniture factory which was newly constructed and was still half way finished at that time.

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