YS - 11 Pork Barbeque


This food is a favorite of Renzee, my eldest grandson. This is one of the best special menus of Butchers Best Barbecue. Sometimes we came here to eat if we had a tight budget for their prices are affordable.

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FPF# 12 - TIME Magazine's Special Issue?


You're right, I was not featured in Time Magazine Special Issue but this photo was just edited. I can't remember who took this photo since this was just given to me during one of the meetings of the organization which my late husband and I were active members before. If you can see the photo clearly, it was dated on February 24, 1990. Obviously, this was the time before photo applications in the computers became popular. I can't believe that his photo was taken 19 years ago. That's why I look so much younger then.

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WFW # - 17 Move that Mountain

White Beach Camiguin Island, Philippines.
MARK 11:23 - "For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ' Be removed and be cast into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says."

It is God's Spirit who works in the lives of people today. God's spirit is the mountain- mover who makes things happen.

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"MaƱanita" is one of the old Filipino traditions ( derived from the Spanish) that is done by greeting someone's birthday on the first hour of the birthday celebrant.

Well, that was it, my children in Balulang surprised me of this gesture. Though they made it earlier because my grandchildren had to sleep early because they have early morning classes but nevertheless, I was still so surprised because I was not aware of it. I thought that our dining out the other day was the end of for my birthday celebration.

I was preparing to sleep when I heard some people singing "happy birthday". When I looked out from my window, I saw everyone; my two daughters with my son-in-laws, grandchildren, my nieces and nephew. They brought with them a bouquet of roses, a cake with a candle and some gifts for me. Here are the pictures:

That's me looking out the window to see who are singing.. I already put some cream on my face and was already so prepared to go to bed.. :)

My nieces, Allen and Che2 (my roomate) and Junjun my ever active nephew who is always at my beck and call. All of them are truly a blessing in my life.

Mayette, my daughter with his family.

Beam, my eldest daugher with her family and Allen.

These are all my children and grandchildren, my nieces and nephew who also are my 'neighbors' here in Balulang.

With my grandchildren

I thank God for a blessed and wonderful birthday with them.

YS #10 - Ham and Cheeseburger


Very yummy our favorite from Mom's Corner.

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fpf # 11 My Happy Moments


I could not recall when was this picture taken but I am sure this was a formal affair we attended with my late husband.

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wfw # 16 - At The Crossroads


JEREMIAH 6:16 "This is what the Lord says: "Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls."

May God preserve us from the wisdom of ourselves, and the feeling that we are indispensable, and the failure to realize that life will go on with or without us until God's purpose has been established in our world and in our lives.

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My simple birthday celebration


My special day fell on Thursday. And since my grandchildren go to school during the weekdays, I decided to have a dinner celebration on that Sunday instead. The photos above was taken during our simple celebration.

I had many well wishers during my birthday, some friends greeted me through text, my nieces and friends greeted me through Facebook and Friendster. My daughter, Love and her family called me up so with her mother in law. I was happy and amused that Tricia and Lyle sang "happy birthday" for me at the You Tube. My son, Jinggoy and his family waited for me to be online at Yahoo Messenger and my grandchildren, Thea and Rinnah sang happy birthday on the webcam. I also received a Red Ribbon yummy cake from Dimple, the daughter of my best friend

Praise God! for making my birthday truly wonderful and memorable. I have another post of my surprise birthday celebration.

YS#9 Bunch of Lunch


We ordered this food at Shakey's Pizza Parlor at Lim Ket Kia Mall. This was a birthday treat for me by my best friend. I thought I will not be able to finish it all but lol! nothing was left perhaps we ate late so I was famished at that time.

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Renzee's Birthday


A few days ago was the birthday of Renzee, my eldest grandson. Since he is already 12 years old, he does not enjoy having birthday parties anymore.

Yes, he has grown up, days passed so fast that when I looked at him he is already very tall. Sometimes at a distance, I would mistakenly think that he is my son in law (his father) because they already have similar height and body built.lol!

Now that he's older, he wants to be independent. He even asked permission from his father to take public transportation to back home instead of being fetched with his siblings by their father. On occasions, his father would allow him to go back home by himself.

During his birthday, my gift for him was just cash money so that he will be able to choose and buy what he really wanted for himself. He wanted to go out and buy by himself but sad to his part because he was not permitted to go to the mall alone. His parents are not yet confident for him to go out alone. Of course, as an obedient child he did not insist. So, together with his father they went shopping and I learned that he was the one who chose the things he bought.

When he arrived from shopping, he went to me and showed the things he bought; shoes, hat, fashion wrist watch and some small items and he thanked me for the money I gave.

Surely, I know he truly enjoyed shopping on his own that day and was happy for his birthday.

FPF#10 With my best friend


This was taken sometimes in the late 60's when I visited her in Manila where she was working at that time in one of the Office of the President. I am in the left side.

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WFW #15 - Attitude is Everything


One of the scenic view of Camiguin Island, Philippines
Lamentations 3:22-23 "Because of the LORD'S great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness."

Attitude is everything! It can be bright and cheerful regardless of your landscape, your health, or your circumstances. Yes, there are times when we feel less than jubilant and joyful, yet we can focus on the nature and character of the Almighty who has abundantly blessed us.

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My first Day Out after my Surgery


About 2 weeks after my surgery, I went to my Doctor for my follow up check up. Praise God! because my doctor was very pleased of my fast recovery.

That day was a holiday so Manny, the husband of Mayette (my daughter) was the one who drove the car. So after my check up we went to Lim Ket Kai Mall. I then decided to let have my hair dyed in one of the beauty saloons while waiting for Mayette and Manny who went shopping while Zboy (my grandson) played at Planet Kids.

Indeed, it was a wonderful feeling to have gone out that day after what I had experienced in my life. I thanked God for everything. He has added more bonus years of my being here in my temporary life.

YS :#8 White Forest


This is my yummy entry for today. It is my first time to eat white forest cake as we used to eat the black forest cake. I think this is a new recipe of Red Ribbon Bakeshop.

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FPF #9 - The Engagement


This picture was taken in 2001 during the Engagement of Jesu and Love. I was wearing a saree
(an indian costume) with me were Theresa, auntie of Jesu and Amma the mother of Jesu with my late husband, Leonel. My saree was not properly tied here. lol!

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wfw#14 I Am The LightHouse


John 1:4-5 "In Him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.

The direction coming from the lighthouse always takes precedence over anything else, right? Jesus is not one of several lights. He is the light. Have you encountered the Light that cannot be dimmed by the darkness of the world, or even the darkness of our hearts?

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Image courtesy of BetterPhoto.com

A Surprise Birthday Celebration

My birthday is fast approaching and remembered my birthday celebration last year. It was actually a surprise birthday celebration for me planned and made by my children. I never knew until my birthday that they had all planned the celebration several months before it.
A few days before my birthday, I was surprise to receive an invitation. It was for my birthday with a note that I will buy either a pink or a purple dress for that occasion. Of course, that was my first surprised and the venue was De Luxe Hotel Ballroom. I was astonished! thinking of the expenses, especially now in the Philippines it is crisis. They just replied that they have already saved for the affair.

The most surprising of all was when Love, my daughter with her children was my special gift during the program. I never thought that they will be present on that special day. I was expecting her and her family to arrive from Thailand by December of that year. I was stunned at that moment. I had mixed emotions, then Jinggoy's family called and greet me. I was overjoyed but still missed the family of Jinggoy so with Jesu, the husband of Love who was left behind in Thailand because of some matters to attend before he can leave.
Oh! the program was wonderful and well planned. Thanks to my great niece, Bogie who was the emcee and one of the organizer of the party. All of these things will be cherished in my heart. But there was still void in my heart, I missed also my husband, Leonel. I know if he was around he will be pleased also to my children efforts for the surprised celebration.

But of course, everything went well, my sisters, friends and relatives, all of them enjoyed the affair. Glory to God! Here are the pictures of the celebrations:

They were preparing for the surprise. I thought the purple gift which I was opening was the surprised.... but it wasn't..

My Kids and their spouses... I am so thankful for their lives.
Beam and Ptr. Raul, Mayette and Manny, Love without Jesu. Jinggoy and Jeanette did not make it.
My lovely daughters (Beam, Mayette and Love)
My children and grandchildren
I missed Jinggoy's family (Jeaneth, his wife and his daughters, Thea and Rinnah) and Jesu, the husband of Love.
My grandchildren gave me a dance presentation during the party. I was very happy for it.

My Cake - it was made from Kathryn's Bakeshoppe. Grace the owner made it really very special for my birthday. My children only paid a little for this but she made it very nice coz she wanted it to be a birthday gift for me. She even added 2 towers of potato puffs that interests a lot of my guests because it was delicious.

My granddaughter Reinyel led the opening prayer. She's such a cutie.