5 Things About Me


I am quite late for this meme but I still want to join . So, here are the 5 things about me.

1. I am a widow but had moved on.
2. I love my children and grandchildren
3. I am a God fearing person
4. Sometimes I miss my husband, his cares and thoughtfulness
5. And above all I have a personal relation with Jesus, my savior.

THanks for dropping by and I hope I'll be on time for this meme next Friday. See you next Friday at Jean's blog!

WFW #8- Blessings


Psalm 128:5"May the LORD bless you,all the days of your life."

Yummy Sunday # 1: "Palabok"


"Palabok" is one of my favorite snacks. I ordered this "Palabok" during an afternoon snack at Red Ribbon Bakeshop. It was actually my daughter who took this picture and I wanted to share it to you as my first post on Yummy Sunday. Hope you like it!

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Justify FullAbove is the picture of my grandchildren in 2006, but in 2007-2008, 2 more were added in the list - Zane and Lyle, respectively whose picture appear below.

And while writing this post, I just came from the hospital. Rehum my grandson is confined because of pneumonia. Actually, all of my grandchildren are not feeling well. One by one, they've been having cough and fever. It's not H1N1, maybe just because of the weather.

But our place, Cagayan de Oro City has also been affected by the Swine Flu pandemic. I don't know the specific number on how many are currently affected but it must be quite bad since almost all of the schools here suspended their classes.

Please include in these in your prayers that not much will be affected with this flu and there won't be more deaths caused by it. Thank You!

Happy Birthday of my Blessed Child

Today is the birthday of my daughter, Beam. I've written about her in one of my series of post about my children. If you want to read about it please click HERE.

I would also like to take this opportunity to greet my 2nd child, Beam.

Happy Birthday Beam!

May you been blessed with things you pray for..... Granted the things you wish for... And rewarded with the things you work for.


FPF #4 - My Graduation


This was taken during my graduation in College at Xavier University- 1966 with my Mom.



We were awe struck by this magnificent view of the sky while we were on the way to Bukidnon, that is why we stopped the car and captured this beautiful creation of God.

Genesis 1:1 " In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."


Happy Birthday to my Beloved Son

This picture was taken at Oro Gardens Memorial Park, Cagayan de Oro City.

Today is the birthday of my son, Jinggoy. They just arrived from Vietnam yesterday afternoon.
Days passed so fast that they are now here and my count down has ended. (remember my post, "Jinggoy's family is coming,")

Yes! he is 41 years old now. It is still fresh in my memory how difficult giving birth to him (read my post, "My Children, Chapter 1).

Tonight our family and the family of Jeaneth ( his wife) will have a get together and welcome party for his birthday at one of the famous restaurant here in Cagayan de Oro. I will be posting pictures for it on my next post.


Last night there was a blackout in our place. I have not known the real cause but I assume that the electric power was cut off because of the lightning and thunder that took place before the black out.

Well anyways, because of that, I remember when my children were still very young. That time, we experienced black out for several days in our place in Nazareth Subd., Cagayan de Oro City. That was in the late 80"s when the Electric Co. was not that high tech. I could remember that black outs usually take place during the summer and there was a drought during that time. You see, our electric power here in Cagayan de Oro is generated mostly from Maria Cristina Falls which is located at Iligan City, one and a half hours drive from our place.

Maria Cristina Falls
Iligan City, Philippines

Back to that years when there was frequent blackouts, it is still fresh from my memory that during that time, my children would cry always especially during night time because it would be so warm and they can not sleep without the aircon or even electric fans. So, what we did during that time, was to sleep at the living room with windows and doors wide open so the air could enter inside. But there was another problem, some of the mosquitos got inside so just the same they cried and cried. Oh! that w as a really a difficult situations for us during that time.

Praise God that now the blackouts just last for a few hours. But in our present place ,though there is blackout but still we can breath fresh air so there's no need for airconditioner.

Friday Photo Flashback #3


My Wedding Picture - October 8, 1967

My Best Friend


Those who know me and Clem to be the best of friends are amazed because our closeness lasted for so many years. Imagine, we have first known each other since our childhood days but we become even more closer during our college days. Because of our closeness, her friends and my friends also become buddies with us. But still, our friendship is beyond comparable as what our other friends noticed. Though after our college graduation, she worked in Quezon City (one of the biggest city in the Philippines) which is very far from our place, we still kept in touched by letters ( which was the only means of communication before). Then afterward, she was able to transfer in our place Cagayan de Oro and got married. Two months of her wedding, I got also married. Fortunately, our husbands got along well and they even became business partners and hunting buddies. Their friendship also lasted until the death of my husband.

Well, my friendship with Clem has not been marred by misunderstanding between us and our family. Perhaps, it's because even if we're so close but still we respected each other lives. We cared each others children, understand each others needs and everything. Clem is a reserve person, kind and generous.

Back to the years when our children were still in school, their classmates also see the closeness with our children that they thought they were cousins. You see, Clem and I let our children study in the same school with 3 of our kids studying in the same classes. We also go out together as a family and are never absent to any special occassions.

Clem and I are also in the same church. She was actually the first one to have a personal relation with Jesus, then she prayed for me. Dimple's (her daughter) family are with us in the same church. It is our prayer that Dimple and Mayette (my daughter) family will continue our legacy to be the best of friends.

Below is a post from my daughter, Love who also wrote in her blog a few months ago about me and Clem.

---- ---------------- BEST FRIENDS FOREVER !!---------------

They were BFF even long before the acronym has been 'invented' . They first met when they were still in their elementary years in Camp Philips Bukidnon and their friendship continued till High School , College, marriage, they had children, grand children up to the present.

This is the friendship between my Mom and Auntie Clem. Through the years they have been best of friends. They're so close that they seemingly 'agreed' to both have 4 children ( 1 son and 3 daughters) and with the age gap so close. My brother, Jinggoy has the same age as Auntie Clem's son , Nong Jong, my sis Bem has the same age with Nang Gigi, my sis Mayet has the same age with Dimple but I am 2 years older than Auntie Clem's youngest daughter Jill. All the 3 eldest kids went to the same school (Kong Hua) while Jill and I were in Montessori. My father and Auntie Clem's husband ( Uncle Henry) also became hunting buddies and were Masons.

I remember when we were small, we always have night outs and campfires with Auntie Clems family. Jill and I even thought that we were cousins and we only got to find out that we were not related when we were quite older.

So, that's my mom and her bestfriend..it's just so rare to find such friendship and closeness such as this.



John 1:4-5 "Life itself was in Him, and this life gives light to everyone. The light shines through the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it."

Have you allowed the light of Christ to shine into your life?
Let Christ guide your life and you will never need to stumble in darkness.

Awards! Awards!

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Friday Photo Flashback #2


This is my picture during my college years at Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City sometime in 1960's.

Another Funny Kids Moment

Thea and Rinnah, my wonderful grandchildren

When Love, my daughter was about 5 years old, she was fond of her cousin's baby that she always wanted to cuddle, hold and play with her as often as possible.

One afteroon, the mother of the baby went to get something for a while and Love willingly volunteered to hold the baby and put her on her lap.

While the baby was on her lap, suddenly the baby farted and lo! you know what happened? Love was not conscious that she was holding the baby on her lap that she immediately covered her nose thinking only she might smell the bad odor. And since she used both hands to cover her nose, the baby fell down on the floor! Praise God that nothing happened to the baby because she was still in a sitting position when she fell down on the floor.

Lol! Love was very pale at that time. She understood what she had done was wrong. She expected perhaps that she would be reprimanded by the mother. Well, the mother of the baby was understanding and besides the baby was unharmed that time. I believed Love at that time had fixed emotions.

But all was well.. and the baby that fell down has now grown up, married and with 2 children. :)

WFW #5- River


This river is only a few steps from our house.

Psalms 1:1-3 "Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of the sinners or sit in the seat of a mockers, But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers."



Last Saturday, June 27th was the 5th year anniversary of my husband, but because my son in laws were busy and we can not go there without our own car, we were only able to visit his grave the next day. You see, Oro Gardens (place of his interment) is very far from our place and its secluded so there are no available public transport for us to go there. So, last Sunday afternoon, we went to Oro Gardens. Oh! it was raining when we arrived there so we were not able to stay long. My grandchildren were even dismayed because they were not able to play around the place as they used to.

Now, as I'm writing about my husband's death anniversary, I'm now reminiscing how my husband loved me and my children. He was a wonderful husband and a father. Besides being a God fearing person, he was incomparable for his thoughtfulness and faithfulness. He was also so caring and a loving person. Yes, we were a happy and a very contented family. We were always going together whether dining out, outing and etc.

I could remember that even some of his nephews looked him up as their loving father which they missed from their biological father. It was to him they ran and asked for advices and encouragement. Some of these nephews still keep in touched with me and reminding me that they still remember my husband. It touched me so much.

I praised God for giving Leonel, as my husband. I am missing him but I know someday, somewhere we will see each other again.

Friday Photo Flashback #1

This is my first time to join Friday Photo Flashback. I love to share my old photos that is why I am interested to join this meme.

This was taken during my Elementary Graduation that was long time ago. (1952)



Revelation 19:16
"On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written:

Yes! we acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord and King of our lives and that we are controlled not by our old natures that war within, but by the Spirit of God who dwells within us.