Last night there was a blackout in our place. I have not known the real cause but I assume that the electric power was cut off because of the lightning and thunder that took place before the black out.

Well anyways, because of that, I remember when my children were still very young. That time, we experienced black out for several days in our place in Nazareth Subd., Cagayan de Oro City. That was in the late 80"s when the Electric Co. was not that high tech. I could remember that black outs usually take place during the summer and there was a drought during that time. You see, our electric power here in Cagayan de Oro is generated mostly from Maria Cristina Falls which is located at Iligan City, one and a half hours drive from our place.

Maria Cristina Falls
Iligan City, Philippines

Back to that years when there was frequent blackouts, it is still fresh from my memory that during that time, my children would cry always especially during night time because it would be so warm and they can not sleep without the aircon or even electric fans. So, what we did during that time, was to sleep at the living room with windows and doors wide open so the air could enter inside. But there was another problem, some of the mosquitos got inside so just the same they cried and cried. Oh! that w as a really a difficult situations for us during that time.

Praise God that now the blackouts just last for a few hours. But in our present place ,though there is blackout but still we can breath fresh air so there's no need for airconditioner.

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  1. Alicia Says:

    I can imagine the heat in the Philippines! When it gets too hot here in California, we have to have the A/C on or we can't sleep. Thank God it's only for a few hours that it stays off in your place.

  2. Nenette Says:

    I'm from Iligan nay, but i've been to Ma. Cristina twice only hehehe

  3. Pam Says:

    We had a lot of rain also, but we were lucky and didn't loose our electric. I always enjoy watching the rain.

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