United Nations Celebration


Last October 27, 2012, our school, Little Evangel Christian School celebrated United Nations Day. The children enjoyed their participation representing one of the countries in Asia.(as you can see in their pictures). My youngest granddaughter Zane is one of the participants.. She was so excited on her costume as Miss China and Miss India during their dance number. The program went well and the children went home happy and their parents also were all in appreciation that their expenses on the costume of their children was worth it. All glory belongs to God!

Z boy's 8th Birthday Celebration


These photos were taken during the birthday party of Zboy, my grandson which was held in their classroom last October 25, 2012.  There was fun and games that his classmates enjoyed so much especially receiving their prices that they won..My daughter prepared only not much food but she brought many prices as she know the children loved it. True enough the children went home happy as seen in their faces... And Z boy thanks her mom's for the effort and time she spent just to make him happy. Praise God!