Bonding with my son's family ( Part 2)

This is how we crossed the road in Hanoi, Vietnam, hold hands together and slowly walk and crossed the road. It was scary, imagined motorbikes just passed all directions but my son told me to just close my eyes so I will not feel nervous which I did. lol!
Motorbikes are common as their means of transportation there in Vietnam. So that is why highways are flooded with motorbikes and very scary to those who are new in that place to cross the streets because the drivers just passed all directions. It seems they just go straight at you. You can see all kinds of people riding on motorbikes, some of them are well dressed women with high heels. Both my son and my daughter in law has a motorbike on their own to go to there working places. Cars are minimal because only the very rich can afford to buy as it is very expensive. So that is why they used motorbikes instead as their services in order to reach their destination on time. Buses and taxis are their public transportation only, you can also see many bicycles roaming around to those less privileged people.

You see lots of motorbikes in the background of this picture.

Whew! motorbikes are used transporting appliances like in this picture and also bulky ones like refrigerator as my son's family have witness. I just can't imagine how they do it, but that is!

Well, my next post will be a little bit a "culture shock" to you......

Bonding with my son's family ( Part 1)


My Eldest and only son's family in Vietnam.
With my 2 cutie grandkids. Thea is 9 years old a 3rd grader and Rinnah is still in her Nursery class. They are into homeschooling only because International School in Vietnam is very expensive.
When they meet me at the Hanoi International Airport so early in the morning and was very cold because it was winter time when we were there.
With my youngest daughter, Love who was with me and Tricia, her daughter .

fpf - Christmas 2007


Yes! it was Christmas in year 2007 when the family of Love, my youngest daughter was able to spend their Christmas Eve in the Philippines. We enjoyed our Christmas Eve with them and had a fun time. You can see in our pictures that we wore winter it was our theme, imagining we were in other places who were experiencing winter season at that time. lol!


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What a Gift!


Ephesians 2:8 " For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith -- and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God."

Grace is far more than God's kindness or favor. It means God touches our lives with His strong, compassionate hand giving us what we do not deserve, cannot even earn, or never, otherwise, could have. Grace is love and stoops and rescues.And it is this that we are constantly in need of. He magnificently lavishes it upon us, forgiving us, cleansing us, and bringing us into His family. Jesus commitment to truth is loving and completely honest. He did us a great favor, showing that God's grace cancels out our debt and brings forgiveness and healing. Yes, thanks God for His grace and truth---- all part of the marvelous gift of Christmas God gave long ago.

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Oh! I am back....

Yes, I was absent from the blogsphere because I went to Thailand and Vietnam to visit my children there.. I will be posting my travelogue later on.

I arrived one week ago but I've rested because I was really tired. My knee was a little bit painful, having coughs and colds due maybe at the airports which was very cold and was able to slept thrice waiting for my flights.

But now, Praise God! I am feeling well.

See you soon......

wfw - Strongholds

Nahum 1:7 "The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble.

You will never understand that God is a refuge until you run to Him and throw yourself upon His mercy to ask protection and help. Need a refuge? Most earthly strongholds have massive doors and can be entered by walking. The refuge God provides is entered by kneeling.

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Z boy's 6th Birthday

Last October 25, 2010 was the birthday of my grandson, Z (son of my daughter, Mayette). Since it falls on Saturday, the small celebration was held the following day, Sunday for the Children Ministry of our church. He is the one wearing red shirts (his solo pics is in another camera). It was a simple celebration but the children enjoyed the games and the prizes, that they went home happy with their toys and party bags. Praise God! for the joy of the children and especially to Z who was also excited and happy for his 6th year birthday. Happy Birthday Z ! stay happy and blessed.

LECS United Nations Celebration


These photos were taken during the presentation of Little Evangel Christian School for United Nations Day. My grandson. Z boy was chosen as Mr. United States together with his best friend. Thea as you can see in the pictures. It was an enjoyable affair for the prep school children who wore different costumes for different countries.

ys - Salad


This is eat all what you can get from Pizza Hut for only P120.00 (am not so sure)but the fact that if one can arranged so much in a plate, it is already a feat and the whole family will enjoy the yummy salad. Sorry, this photo
was taken after so much had been eaten already. lol!

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wfw - Gates


Nehemiah 13:19 "So I commanded that from then on the gates of the city should be shut as darkness fell."

Today, outside the gates, there are enemies that are more subtle and more dangerous than any thief. For instance, one of the greatest threats to the security of a home can't be stopped by deadbolts or bars on your windows. It is the media delivered through a cable or satellite that invades the safety of our home. With parental privilege comes parental responsibility. That is why we have to be a gate keeper for our children. Know what our kids watch on TV and the Internet. Let us make sure that the gates we have are strong enough to keep those who dwell in our homes safe from the enemies without.

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photo from google

Yummy Sunday: Yummy Cake

A few days from now, I'll be going to Thailand to visit my daughter's family and my entry for this week's Yummy Sunday is a photo taken in Thailand. This was during my birthday and my daughters and sons in law woke me up at 12 midnight and greeted me happy birthday. They gave me this yummy cake! I thank God for their thoughtfulness, they always make my birthday special.

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fpf - With my late husband

Sorry, I can no longer remember when this picture was taken with my late husband at our old residence. We might be going to some occasion, that we were properly attired. lol!

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wfw - God-Substitutes

Psalm 34:8 "Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him."

Blaise Pascal, the French philosopher and mathematician, wrote that there is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every person that can never filled apart from a personal relationship with God. So sad that many people had not gotten the message, instead of a personal relation with God they indulge in addictions, wealth and power as God-substitutes. So that they become indifferent to what is right and what is wrong. Their values are obscure, and by and large what they worship is what they can see, taste or feel.

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ym - Pinakbet


It is pinakbet! tasted yummy we ordered from Kagayanon Restaurant during one of our dine out with my friends.

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