ys - The God Father Pizza

The Pizza to top all pizzas, the head of the pizza family. This was the description in the menu at Big Flat Bread a home for very big pizzas now in our city. This is unique because we were used to the biggest size as family size but in this new establishment they have a biggest pizza as big as a table. lol! yes its true.

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fpf - Get Together

I think this picture was taken in the early sixtieth because I was still single at this time. We had a get together with my friends.. Most of my friends before used to go to our house which was still a peaceful barrio just a 15 minutes
ride from the center of the City. The third person from the right side is myself.lol!

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wfw - The Distraction of a Cross


GALATIANS 2:20 "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me."

In a very real and practical sense, taking your cross means you are no longer free to decide some issues. You have no personal agenda but to follow Jesus Christ. Your morality is at stake, the way you do business is an issue, and your language, your politics, your leisure, your money and your time all become cross-related.

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Dinner with a Cause


Election day in the Philippines is on May 10th this year. It is already fast approaching and all the candidates are very busy campaigning for their positions. For the meanti me, we, the citizens are now thinking who to vote for the upcoming elections : President, Vice President, Senators and local officials.

Last January 29, 2010 we were invited for a dinner with a cause. This was sponsored by the Pelican Club of Cagayan de Oro. The Pelican Club is composed of Christian Doctors, Professionals and Businessmen in the city. During this dinner, we had Atty. Perfecto Yasay as one of the mains speakers. Atty. Yasay is a candidate for Vice President under the Bangon Pilipinas Movement.

The main cause for the Pelican Club is to extend help to the poor and the needy and other concerns that may arise. They extend financial support also to some establishment that needed finances.

Praise God for the beneficiaries of this club. May their good cause will prosper and help more people in need.

Here are our photos during the said dinner.

ys - Halo halo

Yummy! Chilled ice with fresh fruits and mayonnaise (halohalo) at Mooon Cafe after our dinner with the family.

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ys - Moon Steak


This food is the specialty of Mooon Cafe which my grandson, Renzee ordered during my dinner treat of the arrival of Jeaneth, my daughter in law and her daughter Rinnah. It was very yummy according to Renzee.

It is a sizzling pork steak topped with gravy sauce, served with garlic rice and vegetables.

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fpf - With Tricia

This picture was taken 6 years ago when Tricia, the daughter of Love was 2 months old when I went with them to Thailand after the burial of my late husband.

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wfw - Agape Love

JOHN 13:34 "A new command I give you: Love one another: As I have loved you, so you must love one another:"

Paul defined Agape love as linking you to God and giving you the transforming strength to love your enemies, the unlovable, and allowing you to reach across the distance that separates you from them. The power of agape love makes you a stronger person. A song put it. "What the world needs is love"-- this kind of love. Is it the kind you have? If not, ask God to pour it in your heart starting today...

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A Birthday Treat for our Friend


The 21st of January was the birthday of our churchmate, Liza. So, after our church service that week, some of the leaders from our church brought a cake and some food in the house for a surprise birthday celebration for her. Liza is one of the active leaders of our church. She has that zeal in serving the Lord. Every Saturday, she faithfully prepare for snacks for our evangelistic activities in our church. I know that God is blessing her all the more as she continually serves HIm in the best that she can.

Belated Happy Birthday again to you Liz! We are truly blessed with your life!

ys - Fish Mozzarella Melt


This food was the one ordered by my son in law during my dinner treat of the arrival of my daughter in law, Jeaneth and her daughter Rinnah at Mooon Cafe... It was yummy according to my son in law.

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wfw - The Kingdom of Light


ISAIAH 9:2 "The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.

When Jesus walked the earth for 33 years, He was convinced that the battle was light versus darkness and all the darkness isn't "out there" somewhere. There is darkness deep in the hearts of men as well. Jesus taught that out of the darkened heart comes thefts, murders, lies, sexual sin and violence. There is but one answer to the culture of darkness: Exposed it to the light. The least amount of light drives back the greatest amount of darkness. Paul says that conversion brings cleansing and renewal. A new person is the expression he used to describe how complete and thorough is the spiritual renewal that comes through the encounter with the living Savior.

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My Daughter In Law's Arrival


One week ago my daughter in law, Jeaneth arrived from Vietnam with her daughter, Rinnah. My son, Jinggoy and her other daughter, Thea were not able to come because my son is very busy with his full time ministry work.

The next day I gave them a treat at one of the restaurant in our city (Mooon Cafe). We enjoyed our bonding together with the family of Mayette and Beam. All of them were also very satisfied of the food we ordered.