Pastors Appreciation Sunday

Last other Sunday was our Honoring Pastors Service in our Church. Here in the Philippines all Christian Churches set aside the month of October as "Pastors Month" honoring all their Pastors. You see, we are celebrating Mothers and Fathers Day, Teachers Day and etc. so they have decided to have Pastors Day also..As for me, this is a good idea for I know the hard work Pastors are going through without thinking of their compensation instead spending their own money just  working because they love God. I know of many Pastors which I am  so blessed of their lives sacrificing just for the expansion of God's kingdom.  So honoring them is one way to let them know that we appreciated their hard work.

Yes! that Sunday, I believe our Pastors were greatly appreciated because almost all the congregation gave gifts to them and some members also brought food so we had fellowship together. There was also fun when one of the programs was the impersonations of each pastor. 

So every body enjoyed the fun and had a joyous day! God bless our Pastors!

My 72nd Birthday


 This video is created by my youngest daughter, Love...She always make surprises for me during my birthdays which I appreciated it much.

Well, you can see in the video how God blessed me to have a  loving children and grandchildren. I am overwhelm with gladness. Praise God! they are the joy of my life.

Indeed, God is so faithful in my life, I can not ask for more.

Our Church Anniversary


Last Sunday was our Thanksgiving Service in our church for the 16th year anniversary. Praise God! As you can see in the pictures, the hall were almost filled with people who attended the said occasion.  Our theme was Evangelism so many people received Christ as their Lord and Personal Savior on that day.