fpf - Three Sisters

These are my three daughters, from the left is Mayette, Love and Beam2. Beam is the eldest among the three and Love is my youngest. This photo was taken sometimes in 2005.

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wfw - Who is in Charge of your Household?


Joshua 24:15 "But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve.... But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."

When GOD is at home in your house, you won't have to put up a sign that reads, "Jesus Christ lives here" but your conversation, your attitudes, your words, and the way you treat each other will reflect it. Jesus doesn't take over your residence or your heart as an invading army would. He gently knocks, awaiting your invitation for Him to enter and take His rightful place as Lord.

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photo courtesy from Google.

The Wedding


Sorry, this is a delayed post because the SD card was with my daughter's camera and I forgot to upload it in my computer until their family left for Thailand..This wedding took place last November 29, 2009 which I was one of the wedding sponsors. Mark and Koko (newly weds) are one of the leaders in our church who are actively doing their respective ministries.

It was a garden wedding, no less that the venue was in Harbor Lights Hotel. Oh! it was a wonderful wedding being well planned and well prepared as you can see in the pictures above.

My prayers for them...that God continually bless their marriage bountifully and guide them in all their undertakings.

ys -Wan Tan Mee


I discovered this photo from my documents and can not recall where we dined out and ordered this food when we were in Thailand. But one thing sure I remembered is that this food tasted very yummy.

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fpf - College days

This photo was taken in front of Ateneo de Cagayan Chapel now Xavier University. I remember it was a holiday during that time and a friend not from our place visited us so we toured her around the campus of our school with some of my friends. I am the one in front at the right end.

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wfw - Wisdom Cries in the Streets


Proverbs 2:1 "Every young man who listens to me and obeys my instructions will be given wisdom and good sense.

It is in the streets of life, the crossroads of decisions, where we need God's wisdom. Seeking the advise and counsel of God through prayer makes sense. Look beyond your immediate feelings, your frustration, your ego and your pride, and ask God for wisdom. It may well be that wisdom means taking your time, thinking through the issue, and most important of all, pondering the consequences of hasty action.

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Dahilayan Adventure Park


These are some of the pictures I got from my camera when I went with the group to Dahilayan Adventure Park.
Lol! I did not dare do the zip line so with my 2 daughters, Beam and Mayette, my daughter in law, Jeaneth. They just observed first, I don't know if they can do it next time around. As for me, sure I can not dare do it because I am afraid of heights.All of my grand children who were with us enjoyed the zip line.I was even amazed because Z who is only 5 years old did it but of course together with his dad. Renzee who is 12 years old, Rehum a 7 years old and Reinyel only 9 years old, did it by themselves alone. Wow! how brave they are. Of course, we enjoyed watching them on the air, they looked like birds flying at the far distance.

We had a great time on that day, my grandchildren were happy and excited for they had made it for the first time.

ys - Chocolate Cake

Yummy Chocolate Cake from Bigby's during our treat with Jeanette, my daughter in law and Rinnah my granddaughter when they were here last month. This was our dessert during that meal together with the family of Mayette, my daughter.

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fpf - My Wedding Picture


My wedding picture taken on October 8, 1967 which was also my birthday. I found out that it is a disadvantage when your wedding day falls on your birthday because during the days of celebration the birthday is highlighted than the wedding anniversary celebrations which was what I had experience.before. But then with my late husband we celebrated our wedding anniversary alone.

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wfw - God is our Strenght

Psalm 73:26 "My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Is there anything too hard for God to do? Not if you believe what the bible says. At the end of what you can do, there is strong hand of God.

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My Best Friend's Birthday

Today is the birthday of my best friend, Clem but the party was last Saturday at Xavier Estate Country Club.It was only attended by her family and close friends and relatives. It was a surprise party given by her family.By the way she is already 70 years old. All the visitors came with a shade of green as her favorite color.

How time flies, her children are successful in their career and has a family of their own. She is a fulfilled woman having no problems of their family until now. And to think we are still the best of friends. Below are some of our pictures.

This is her youngest daughter who is a Doctor of Medicine.
These are her children, the eldest is a son and 3 daughters , we are the same having 4 children with the same category. lol!

This is me! giving her a simple message.

My children, Beam and Mayette with their husbands, Raul and Manny.

ys - Mexican Bb Back Ribs

This is grilled pork ribs marinated in herbs, served with mixed vegetables and garlic rice. Oh! it is very yummy. We ordered this with my best friend when we dine out few days ago.

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