fpf - Tricia's Birthday


This picture was taken during the 3rd birthday of Tricia, my granddaughter which was held at the residence of one of the uncles of Jesu, my son in law at Klang, Malaysia. This was a memorable celebration because Mayette , my other daughter was present so with some of my nieces from the Philippines.

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wfw - Loving God and your Neighbor as yourself


Leviticus 19:18 "Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord."

There is one thing for sure: You will never love your neighbor as yourself until you have first learned to love God with all of your heart. So, how do we learn to love God? First by finding out who He is. We must know Him before we will ever love Him, and once we have come to know Him and His great love and compassion for us. our heart will cry out , "Yes, Lord, I do love you and want to serve You." Then His great love will flow through us, reaching our spouses, our neighbors whom you neither know nor like, and those whom we work with. Loving God is the key. May God help us to know Him and to love Him so we can love our neighbors.

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Meeting my Nephew

These are my nephews and nieces, the children of my late eldest sister. The third from the left of the picture just arrived from London with his family for a visit as they are already permanent resident there. Actually, their family lived comfortably in Manila before but when the children grew up they migrated to London for more greener pasture for their children.

Well, I was pleased that when they arrived here in Cagayan de Oro. they let the driver pitched me from my house and brought me to the place of his sister where they were staying just to see me. Of course, all of his brothers and sisters are closed to me and showed me their love and concern always. Really, it is a wonderful feelings that you are loved by your nephews and nieces and showing their concern for you besides your children. Is it not?

Truly, I praised God for that.. .. I know that their mother had raised them so well too.

YS - Egg Pie


Oh! yummy Egg Pie from Goldilocks.. It is one of our favorite snack.

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God's Grace and Tomorrow

Matthew 6:34 "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

Hope has an enemy that eats away tomorrow's hope. It is worry, which cause us to think that tomorrow will be no different from today, or that yesterday's failure will catch up with us today and thus destroy tomorrow. Thank God for His forgiveness that helps us through the minefield of human failure. It might not cancel out all of the results of our failures but knowing that God has forgiven us will help us take His hand and face tomorrow.

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My Children's Wedding (Part 4)

The wedding of Love, my youngest daughter is the 4th and last wedding in our family. Her wedding was held in Klang, Malaysia because her husband is a Malaysian Citizen (of a Tamil, Indian descent). We agreed to have the wedding ceremony in Malaysia in order to avoid so much hassle on her husband's part. We already had their engagement ceremony in the Philippines so it was just okay to have the wedding in Malaysia.

So, our whole family (except the newly born son of Beam) went to Malaysia along with some of our friends here in the Philippines. There were about 25 of us ( including children) who traveled together from the Philippines to Malasyia. Our travel package included a few nights stay in Concorde hotel in Kuala Lumpor. We then stayed at one of the hotels in Klang at the time of the wedding. It was an enjoyable experience because after the wedding the group traveled to Jesu's hometown in Taiping and then to Thailand where Love and her hubby are based until now. Then the group decided to go to Singapore before we left back to the Philippines.

Well, back to the wedding ceremony, it was a Christian wedding at the church which incorporated a lot of things from how we do our wedding rituals and program in the Philippines. We then proceeded to the reception venue, Teluk Pulai Hall which was to accommodate the huge number of visitors. It is the tradition of Indian's family in Malaysia to invite and welcome everyone to attend the weddings of their friends and relatives. Surely, the wedding ceremony and the reception program were well prepared and organized by the committee of their local church. The reception was pure Indian style. The food during the reception was awesome because lamb meat were served as their special menu. This is not common in the Philippines and most of the people in our group just tasted it for the first time..

Of course, our group from the Philippines extremely enjoyed the whole journey. Imagine seeing all the beautiful tourist spots in 3 different countries in Asia in just a single trip. All glory belongs to God!!

This is my daughter and son in law now with their 2 children.

ys - Cream Puffs


This Cream Puffs was given to me as my birthday gift by my friend, Grace who is the owner of Kathryn's Bakeshop during my surprise birthday celebration given by my children almost 2 years ago. I just found this picture recently so now I am sharing this to you. It looks very yummy.... do you agree?

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fpf - Zboy Birthday


This was taken during the 2nd birthday of Z, my grandson which was held at De Luxe Hotel last October 25, 2006. Thea his cousin in this picture just celebrated also her 9th year birthday last August 3. 2010.

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wfw - Making Peace with God

Mathew 11:28 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

Making peace with God is the most important thing you will ever do in life, and it is not something you can necessarily put off until five minutes before your encounter with the Almighty. It begins when you acknowledge that you have gone astray. This should not be too difficult. Deep down in your heart you know your own sin and waywardness. And recognize the voice of the shepherd and claim Him as your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Birthday Visits


Last July 16, was the birthday of my late husband so we went to Oro Gardens Memorial Park to commemorate this day. We enjoyed eating pizza, especially my grandchildren.

ys - lumpia


This is lumpia from Mom's Corner.. Sorry, it looks not yummy because we forgot to take the picture first before it was eaten, but surely it tasted so delicious.

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