So Sad!


Oh! I am so sad, because after 4 months since my elder sister passed away another sister passed away again. Indeed, this world is only our temporary homes. Our eternal life is either in heaven or in hell. Do you agree with me? So then. while we are still here, we should prepare ourselves for our eternal life in heaven. How? By having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ecclesiastes 7:2 --" It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of every man, the living should take this to heart."

My Children - Chapter 4


My youngest daughter is Love. Her name was suggested by Mayette for she has a friend named L0vely, our neighbor and by the time of her birth, Mayette was already 4 years old. She is our planned child. You see, during that year was the start of the BIR ruling that only 4 children are allowable for exemption from Income Tax Return payment which we were motivated by it.

When she was a child we were wondering with my late husband why our friends always asked as to whom did Love got her looks because she does not resembled anyone of us. Love was showered with our affection, her siblings was not even jealous at her instead she was adored. She was really our "baby" in our family and the center of our attention.

But we noticed, that inspite of being loved and cared for, she did not grow as spoiled child. She is sweet, reserved, loving and obedient child. Sometimes in our happy moments her siblings will call her the golden child of the family.

Yes! Love is very obedient child, because whatever she did, she always asked permission, even getting food from the fridge, she would call in my office. Lol! even when she was already in Univ. of the Phil. (Dilliman, Quezon City)still she would call me asking permission to go somewhere with her classmates. So, I was updated on her whereabouts. She is really used to it cause even these days she will let me know where they are with her family.

Back in her Elementary and Secondary years, she excelled in her studies and other activities. She sometimes won in art contest sponsored by different establishment here in Cagayan de Oro.Of course her skill was honed by studying art lessons during summer vacation. Not only that, because her late father was into many sports she joined him in Archery, Hunting and sometimes mountain climbing.

This was also the time I let our Dentist friend put braces on her teeth so she will not feel insecure and yes! it was a make over for her. Really, she lived a normal life, enjoying with friends and classmates. After her graduation from college (B.S in Interior Design) she worked for a while in very well known chain of stores of Jeans manufacturing which she appreciated for she was traveling in one store to another in some parts of Mindanao and Visayas but stopped to enroll in Mission Course where she met her husband.

Now when I see Tricia (her daughter) asking for pencil and paper to draw, lo! I will remember her when she was also that age. I gave her also pencil and paper to write and to draw so she will be busy and not bored in my office but she was very behaved and reserved unlike Tricia. lol!

Praise God! they said Love was less prettier than her sisters turned out a beautiful woman inside and out.

My Children - Chapter 3


My third daughter is Mayette. When she was still a baby everybody exclaimed that she looked like a beautiful doll until she grew up as a child. Well, for that reason me and my late husband agreed not to pamper her so much for fear that she will grow up spoiled.

Her character was exactly opposite from Beam. She was a chatterbox, very active (more active than my eldest son, Jinggoy) and because of this committed a lot of blunders. So, among her sisters, she was the one who always got reprimanded and punished by me often. I used one stalk of dried coconut leaf (broom) to whip her. She always start a quarrel with Beam and sometimes I told Beam to fight her back ( since Bem was the mild and silent one) . We always wondered why she was different among her siblings. In her growing years we sometimes argued and can not agree on anything because she will always have her own reasons. I was unaware of her feelings towards me back then.

Well, time passed when Beam got married and they reside at Cebu City while Love was already studying at Univ. of the Phils. , Dilliman, Quezon City, so, that left both of us (ladies) alone. That time, we became very close because we were always together and that was also the time we grew to understand each other. We were committed in the chuch and busy with activities, she being the head of the creative ministry while studying her nursing course and me in other ministries.

Then, a memorable moment happened. One late afternoon, there was a black out in the city. We were in our living room just waiting for the electricity to come back. After a while, she told me like this, "Before Nay, I hate you for being not good to me, you always reprimanded me and I did not feel loved unlike tatay whom I know he loved me." I was astounded hearing that, I never expected that statement to come out from her mouth. All the while I thought everything was well between us before.

Then memories came back to me.. there were times when I put my hand on her shoulder, she would shun it away, which I did not mind at all. She told me about the time when she was still a child and I told her that we only took her from a garbage can when she was still a baby ( meaning, she was not a real daughter). She remembered that and said that unconscious statement of mine haunted her when she was still small. You see, I never meant to say that and I think I only said that out of my angered at that specific time. I never knew it will affect her that much. So we asked forgiveness with each other at that time. After that we prayed and thanked God for the inner healing.

Now, we are the best of friends. Sometimes because of her being outspoken and frank she is being misunderstood by her friends. But being her mother, I know her so well, she is thoughtful, sincere, generous and compassionate which her close friends can attest to that. One thing that I know God deals with her, is her humbleness towards people.

Glory belongs to God! He really makes the wrong right for us if we love Him.

Romans 6:28 says, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him. who have been called according to his purpose."

My Children - Chapter 2


My second child is Beam2 ( we pronounce as BemBem). I did not have a hard time giving birth to her as I did with my first child. But when she was still an infant she got sick of acute bronchitis. During her growing up years, I noticed she was shy and a silent type as a person. There was a time when she was about 3 years old and I brought her to my office. In the office I let her sit behind me on my office chair for I knew she will just stay there without complaining and just behave. Until when my visitor informed me that she was already crying silently. So I looked back and lo! big tears were rolling from her eyes without a sound perhaps she was already bored at that time. When she was in her Elementary years I asked her why she had no close friends and replied to me that she has not found anyone yet. She was a loner and I was a little bit alarm.
But Praise God because during her High School days she found 3 classmates who were closed to her whom until she's still keeping in touch with. During those times handheld radios were a fad so my other children were so busy and enjoying chatting friends on the radio but for her she just stayed in her room reading her favorite books, Mills and Boon or else watching TV at the living room. I encouraged her to have fun like her brother and sisters but to no avail. she's just the homebuddy type.
I also noticed that she did not entertain male friends even on the telephone and whenever an admirer calls her she will immediately hang the phone. I was a little bit worried and felt weird for her. Oh! there was even a funny moment that happened to her. One night when somebody came to the house bringing flowers for her, she didn't entertain her male friend but she ran to her room and cried. We were astonished for her action. So at that time on I prayed to the Lord that she will meet somebody she liked, I was worried that she might become an 'old maid' and I don't want her to become like that especially her younger sister whos 2 years younger than her was already entertaining her suitors at that time. LOL!
And God answered my prayer, she didn't not become an 'old maid' and she even married at a young age, 23 years old to a pastor. When Love, her sister who was at that time studying in Manila was informed about her coming wedding she was surprised and exclaimed, "so God prepared her heart to that pastor.

Well, after a few years of her marriage (they were staying in Cebu at that time) only we found out why she was so introvert. It was her husband who told us that during one of their inner healing session he discovered the reason for this. From her childhood she had this insecurity and felt that she is less important so she was suppresing her feelings.

Then we just found out that there was an incident when she was still a child during birthday celebrations that led her to this. She was born in July 24 and her elder brother was born July 21 so their birthdays are only 3 days apart from each other. To be practical and save costs, we just combined their birthdays together for one celebration only but 2 separate birthday cakes. But on one occasion her elder brother proudly told her that it was not her birthday we were celebrating that time but it was because of his birthday alone. That childish incident brought great impact of her life that resulted in her lack of confidence, insecurity which made her unsociable.

Now a days, she is improving her socialbility especially she is working in a bank and married to a Pastor. She is still a bit conservative and reserved though but she has tremendously improved after getting married.

I praise God, that she was able to overcome those insecurities. She is now a good and supportive pastor's wife and a loving mother to her 3 wonderful children.

My Children - Chapter 1


I will be posting about my children. I hope you will enjoy reading it and I know you will learn some lessons from it.

My first child and only son is Jinggoy. I had a hard time giving birth to him. Imagine, I was in pain in 2 days and my bag of water already broke up on the first day, so I was in dry labor. During that time ceasarian operation was done only for extreme cases so my doctor used 'forceps" which I found out later was a crucial method because if not done carefully it will result to the baby's brain damage. He came out a blue baby which my late husband1nformed me later that my doctor baptized him as she was unsure of the baby's life. I was sedated at that time so I did not know what was going on. And after a day, we were overjoyed because he was well and because of it my husband treated the doctors and nurses with a special snack for our gratitude and thanksgiving.

Jinggoy grew up as a normal child, though at his early months we always had to go to the pediatrician due to some minor illnesses. In his growing up years, he did not give us any problems, he got mistakes as a child normally does. Though we love and cared for him, he was disciplined. My husband used his belt to discipline him but at a proper time and place. He let him lie down on our sofa with his buttocks up where he would belt him. But my late husband does not punish him at the peak of anger when the child has done wrong. He would wait for the time his anger subsided and only then he would punished him. His reason was that, he might cause too much pain for his son which he will regret later on. This method had an advantage because Jinggoy at that time would be very careful not to commit mistakes because according to him, he was not aware when he will be punished. Of course, after the punishment his father explained the reason why he was punished with expression of our love to him and let him promised not to do it again.

Back to my first born, Jinggoy, when he reached at his early twenties, something happened. At one time, a few minutes after midnight, he knocked on our bedroom and said he wanted to talk alone with his father in another place urgently. We were surprised. I for one was a little bit anxious thinking he might have gotten a girl pregnant. I knew for a fact that girls were coming to our house for him. So his father droved to Macabalan Pier. The Pier was only a few minutes drive from our place in Nazareth Subd. During that time late hours of the night, the pier was deserted because all vessels have already sailed on.

There, Jinggoy confessed to his father that he was able to try one of the illegal drugs with his friend. He was confessing because he felt guilty, thinking that we are a good parents to him, we love and cared for him and was vey ashamed that he did those things.

Yes! What a relief, for it never occurred in our mind nor even suspected that he was on it. In fairness, there was no time that he was not able to sleep in our house. So they had a heart to heart talk with his father and concluded that he was to work in Rectan Wood Products, as one of the furniture designer as he was also an Architecture student. It so happened that his father was the Managing Partner of that prestigious furniture manufacturing at that time in Cagayan de oro City. So that was it, he worked there until such time he stopped working to enroll in a Mission's Course.

Well, he is now in Vietnam, happily married with 2 lovely kids. His wife, Jeaneth is teaching in one of the International School there while he is working full time in his ministry.

As we looked back, we sympathized those persons we know who are in use for this illegal drugs, they need love and cares from their parents which we know the parents concerned are not aware of it.

All glory belongs to God! We thank Him that we had raised my son with love, care and understanding. Ephesians 3:20 "Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us." (NIV)

An Open Letter To My Grandchildren


But from everlasting to everlasting the Lord's love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children's children. (Psalm 103:17)

This article is from Harold J. Sala (Today Counts). I find this article very nice and also a great message for my grandchildren. I hope that when they grow up, they can read this article and make it as there guide to living a good life, a life pleasing to God.
Here's what the article is all about:

When my first grandchild was born, I made a vow before God that I would be the best grandpa I knew to be. There are seven things I desire for them--- things that only they can make happen.

Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I'm not satisfied for you to just "know who Jesus is and call yourself a Christian," but to be completely committed to Him. Because Jesus is God, give Him 100%.

Know right from wrong and choose the right. Sure, we all make mistakes, but don't make the same ones twice. Be brave enough to choose the right thing, no matter how unpopular or how difficult it may be.

Be tough enough to stand alone. It's never easy to be different, but the time comes eventually when you have to draw a line and say, "Look, I can't do that." Choose friends wisely because they influence you.

Find out what God says about issues, and then consider the matter settled. Let God's Word, the Bible, be your guide as it has been for your parents, for us, and our parents before us.

Choose your marriage partner carefully. Don't be in a hurry to marry, and until you find the right one who reflects your values and faith, keep yourself pure. God always gives His best to those who leave the choice to Him.

Find God's will for your life and make your life count for Him. That's the key to purpose and meaning.

Never forget who you are. You are God's child so lift your head up high. So go out there and make a difference.

And dear reader, these are what I desire for you, too.

Word - filled Wednesday #3


John 4:24

"God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth."

Our Place in Balulang


Before this was only our rest house. During those times we came only during weekends, where my children used to swim in the river, played in the tree house, breathed the fresh air and most of all, felt the serenity of the place. There were times our friends came along with us. During special occasions we held our celebration here with our friends and relatives. Our church activities are held here until now. There are other churches also which do their activities here like water baptism, camping and fellowshipping especially when the tree house was still intact, it was the favorite of the young people's place. Oh! before I forget, Beam's (my daughter) wedding was also held here, it was like a barrio fiesta, many JIL pastors from other places came because Bro. Eddie Villanueva was the officiating minister of the wedding ceremony. Then after the wedding of Beam some friends and relatives also held their wedding in this place.Lol! And to think now, the kiosk where the ceremony was held is already their residence. Ha.ha.ha. what a coincidence.

Even before, it was already the desires of my late husband to build our house here instead at Nazareth Subdivision. He was a nature loving person so he preferred to stay in this place. But I was the one who objected since our children were still studying. Even though we had a car and its only 5 kilometers from the city proper but during that time there were only few houses in the warea even in the roadside. This place used to be filled with coconut trees which some of it were owned by my in laws. Now there are already plenty of subdivisions (housing projects) in this Barangay.

Why we were able to reside here now? Well, when Mayette finished her B.S. in Nursing (she is a R.N.) she did not want to work in the hospital, but instead wanted to manage a business of her own. So then we put up a grocery store in Tinao, a place located 14 kilometers from the city proper. It was along the highway and near the Pepsi Cola Bottling Corp. But unfortunately, that was the start of economic crises so our business was one of the many affected businesses. So then we decided to rent out the building and close the grocery store. But, we could no longer move back to stay in Nazareth Subdivision because was used by Little Evangel Christian School at that time ( until present), a preschool and one of the ministries of our church. Yes, there was no other alternative but to stay here in Balulang to which my husband was pleased that at last his desire to stay in this place was granted.

Now, I am happily and contented living in this place with Mayette's and Beam's family as my neighbors. I thank God for giving us this place far from the maddening crowd. Jinggoy, my son is planning to build their house here but I think not in this riverside area ( afraid of the flood maybe.hehehe) but at the roadside area. We will still be neighborsbut only a little bit far.

One of the Hospital in Hatyai(Rajyindee Hospital)


Sometime in the year 2006, me, my children Mayette and Beam with their husband went for a vacation at Hatyai, Thailand where Love's (my other daughter) family is residing. After 2 weeks, my children went back to the Philippines for them to resume their office works. So I was left alone because I had one month leave from my office. And there I had to wait for Jinggoy's (my son) family from Vietnam and then we will be together in going back to the Philippines.

Unfortunately a few days after my children left for the Philippines, I was confined at Rajyindee Hospital, one of the private hospital in Hatyai because of stone in my gallbladder.

But, you know what, I was so impressed with this hospital because of their accommodation and services. Imagine, it was like I was billeted in a hotel, everything were provided from slippers to toiletries. The refrigerator was full of chichiria and others which only you have to pay it if you got one just like in the hotel. The patients are always fresh and clean because twice a day nurse aides bathe the patients and changed their bedding. And aside from the TV and other necessary items provided, there was also a microwave oven which we were able to heat our left over pizzas and food. There was also a wi-fi connection so Jesu (my son in law) was able to use his lap tap.

And that was not all, most of their nurses were friendly, kind and very concerned in attending to their patients. But I was not able to communicate well with them because of language barrier. They have only a few English words. But I Praise God because one of my attending physicians speaks very good English because he had traveled a lot and even visited one of the hospitals in Manila.

In my thoughts, how I wish our hospital in the Philippines have this kind of hospital. Well, I don't know also in Manila if there are hospital like this. But here in Cagayan de Oro we are very far behind in spite of the new hospitals now recently built.

Love told me there is still another hospital (Bangkok Hospital) more high tech but only the payments are in dollars. Wow! ... She also informed me that on reception area on that hospital is a grand piano with a pianist that plays soothing music all through out the day. It must really be like a 5 star hotel-hospital.

But there is still hope in my country as long as God is on the throne.. I love my country and I know and I believe not only me who is praying for the fast economic recovery but many christian are in travail in praying for our beloved country, Philippines. Some day our country will be so progressive. God bless my beloved Philippines.