My Children - Chapter 3

My third daughter is Mayette. When she was still a baby everybody exclaimed that she looked like a beautiful doll until she grew up as a child. Well, for that reason me and my late husband agreed not to pamper her so much for fear that she will grow up spoiled.

Her character was exactly opposite from Beam. She was a chatterbox, very active (more active than my eldest son, Jinggoy) and because of this committed a lot of blunders. So, among her sisters, she was the one who always got reprimanded and punished by me often. I used one stalk of dried coconut leaf (broom) to whip her. She always start a quarrel with Beam and sometimes I told Beam to fight her back ( since Bem was the mild and silent one) . We always wondered why she was different among her siblings. In her growing years we sometimes argued and can not agree on anything because she will always have her own reasons. I was unaware of her feelings towards me back then.

Well, time passed when Beam got married and they reside at Cebu City while Love was already studying at Univ. of the Phils. , Dilliman, Quezon City, so, that left both of us (ladies) alone. That time, we became very close because we were always together and that was also the time we grew to understand each other. We were committed in the chuch and busy with activities, she being the head of the creative ministry while studying her nursing course and me in other ministries.

Then, a memorable moment happened. One late afternoon, there was a black out in the city. We were in our living room just waiting for the electricity to come back. After a while, she told me like this, "Before Nay, I hate you for being not good to me, you always reprimanded me and I did not feel loved unlike tatay whom I know he loved me." I was astounded hearing that, I never expected that statement to come out from her mouth. All the while I thought everything was well between us before.

Then memories came back to me.. there were times when I put my hand on her shoulder, she would shun it away, which I did not mind at all. She told me about the time when she was still a child and I told her that we only took her from a garbage can when she was still a baby ( meaning, she was not a real daughter). She remembered that and said that unconscious statement of mine haunted her when she was still small. You see, I never meant to say that and I think I only said that out of my angered at that specific time. I never knew it will affect her that much. So we asked forgiveness with each other at that time. After that we prayed and thanked God for the inner healing.

Now, we are the best of friends. Sometimes because of her being outspoken and frank she is being misunderstood by her friends. But being her mother, I know her so well, she is thoughtful, sincere, generous and compassionate which her close friends can attest to that. One thing that I know God deals with her, is her humbleness towards people.

Glory belongs to God! He really makes the wrong right for us if we love Him.

Romans 6:28 says, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him. who have been called according to his purpose."

3 Response to "My Children - Chapter 3"

  1. Genejosh Says:

    that same comment auntie na pinunitan ra sa basura also affected my papa before and PTL he's now release from that...i learned from this post once again...

  2. Lindz Says:

    children too are as sensitive as we grown ups, sometimes it has different impact on their little mind either they grow stronger or weak depends =on their abilities. Wwhen I was a child my family used to tell me that my father was "nalumos sa sabaw" and I took it seriously but in contrast I grow up strong minded.

    Now that I am a parent I can look back from my child experiences and I thought my children will have a different upbringing than me so i dont joke to them that way, life experiences taught us to grow to see things differently and fix things up.

  3. Princess Sarah Says:

    Wow, another story Nay, it's nice to read true to life stories, it would either make you laugh or cry.

    Thanks Nay, I have also different experiences that keeps on lingering on my mind but painful anymore, not like before.

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