My Children - Chapter 4

My youngest daughter is Love. Her name was suggested by Mayette for she has a friend named L0vely, our neighbor and by the time of her birth, Mayette was already 4 years old. She is our planned child. You see, during that year was the start of the BIR ruling that only 4 children are allowable for exemption from Income Tax Return payment which we were motivated by it.

When she was a child we were wondering with my late husband why our friends always asked as to whom did Love got her looks because she does not resembled anyone of us. Love was showered with our affection, her siblings was not even jealous at her instead she was adored. She was really our "baby" in our family and the center of our attention.

But we noticed, that inspite of being loved and cared for, she did not grow as spoiled child. She is sweet, reserved, loving and obedient child. Sometimes in our happy moments her siblings will call her the golden child of the family.

Yes! Love is very obedient child, because whatever she did, she always asked permission, even getting food from the fridge, she would call in my office. Lol! even when she was already in Univ. of the Phil. (Dilliman, Quezon City)still she would call me asking permission to go somewhere with her classmates. So, I was updated on her whereabouts. She is really used to it cause even these days she will let me know where they are with her family.

Back in her Elementary and Secondary years, she excelled in her studies and other activities. She sometimes won in art contest sponsored by different establishment here in Cagayan de Oro.Of course her skill was honed by studying art lessons during summer vacation. Not only that, because her late father was into many sports she joined him in Archery, Hunting and sometimes mountain climbing.

This was also the time I let our Dentist friend put braces on her teeth so she will not feel insecure and yes! it was a make over for her. Really, she lived a normal life, enjoying with friends and classmates. After her graduation from college (B.S in Interior Design) she worked for a while in very well known chain of stores of Jeans manufacturing which she appreciated for she was traveling in one store to another in some parts of Mindanao and Visayas but stopped to enroll in Mission Course where she met her husband.

Now when I see Tricia (her daughter) asking for pencil and paper to draw, lo! I will remember her when she was also that age. I gave her also pencil and paper to write and to draw so she will be busy and not bored in my office but she was very behaved and reserved unlike Tricia. lol!

Praise God! they said Love was less prettier than her sisters turned out a beautiful woman inside and out.

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  1. Lalaine Says:

    char.. hahah! kahilakon ko ky na touch ko...heheh!! thanks kau nay, miss you!! :)

  2. Pam Says:

    You have beautiful children, Laurencita. They sure are a blessing in you life. You are lucky to have them...

  3. Bogie Says:

    Hi nay, nice ang photo diri. Imo naman lagi gi post. I thought tommorrow pa kay WFW karon. Anyway, nice post nay!

  4. Phebie Says:

    Nay in a way, mka relate ko sa case ni ate love...hehehhe

    You are truly blessed with your children...

    God Bless!

  5. Princess Sarah Says:

    blessed ka talaga Nay sa imong mga anak. Nice gid ang real stories, makabagbag damdamin.

    By the way Nay, na unsa man ang imo neobux? I thought may naa na ka neobux before? Kay kon may naa ka na, di ka na pwede mag join usab kay i banned ka nila.

    My friend helps me kaya easy lang sa akon. How many times ka na nag click sa neobux Nay? How much na imo na earn?

    Neobux is okay na karon sa akon kay naka earn na ko

  6. Pam Says:

    A delightful post, Laurencita. You are blessed to have a wonderful family.

  7. Nenette Says:

    Nice post nay. Kung ako si Love makahilak sad ta hahaha. Bitaw nay, all ur children are really a blessing to you...

  8. Genejosh Says:

    wow kabootan jud ni Ate Love....

  9. Genejosh Says:

    Ate Love is very pretty..for me kamukha sila ni Ate Mayette...Tanan sila gwapa...

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