My Children - Chapter 2

My second child is Beam2 ( we pronounce as BemBem). I did not have a hard time giving birth to her as I did with my first child. But when she was still an infant she got sick of acute bronchitis. During her growing up years, I noticed she was shy and a silent type as a person. There was a time when she was about 3 years old and I brought her to my office. In the office I let her sit behind me on my office chair for I knew she will just stay there without complaining and just behave. Until when my visitor informed me that she was already crying silently. So I looked back and lo! big tears were rolling from her eyes without a sound perhaps she was already bored at that time. When she was in her Elementary years I asked her why she had no close friends and replied to me that she has not found anyone yet. She was a loner and I was a little bit alarm.
But Praise God because during her High School days she found 3 classmates who were closed to her whom until she's still keeping in touch with. During those times handheld radios were a fad so my other children were so busy and enjoying chatting friends on the radio but for her she just stayed in her room reading her favorite books, Mills and Boon or else watching TV at the living room. I encouraged her to have fun like her brother and sisters but to no avail. she's just the homebuddy type.
I also noticed that she did not entertain male friends even on the telephone and whenever an admirer calls her she will immediately hang the phone. I was a little bit worried and felt weird for her. Oh! there was even a funny moment that happened to her. One night when somebody came to the house bringing flowers for her, she didn't entertain her male friend but she ran to her room and cried. We were astonished for her action. So at that time on I prayed to the Lord that she will meet somebody she liked, I was worried that she might become an 'old maid' and I don't want her to become like that especially her younger sister whos 2 years younger than her was already entertaining her suitors at that time. LOL!
And God answered my prayer, she didn't not become an 'old maid' and she even married at a young age, 23 years old to a pastor. When Love, her sister who was at that time studying in Manila was informed about her coming wedding she was surprised and exclaimed, "so God prepared her heart to that pastor.

Well, after a few years of her marriage (they were staying in Cebu at that time) only we found out why she was so introvert. It was her husband who told us that during one of their inner healing session he discovered the reason for this. From her childhood she had this insecurity and felt that she is less important so she was suppresing her feelings.

Then we just found out that there was an incident when she was still a child during birthday celebrations that led her to this. She was born in July 24 and her elder brother was born July 21 so their birthdays are only 3 days apart from each other. To be practical and save costs, we just combined their birthdays together for one celebration only but 2 separate birthday cakes. But on one occasion her elder brother proudly told her that it was not her birthday we were celebrating that time but it was because of his birthday alone. That childish incident brought great impact of her life that resulted in her lack of confidence, insecurity which made her unsociable.

Now a days, she is improving her socialbility especially she is working in a bank and married to a Pastor. She is still a bit conservative and reserved though but she has tremendously improved after getting married.

I praise God, that she was able to overcome those insecurities. She is now a good and supportive pastor's wife and a loving mother to her 3 wonderful children.

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  1. Familia Caballero in Vietnam Says:

    Nay cool kaayo imong mga posts kay makabisto pero makalingaw..hehehee

  2. Princess Sarah Says:

    Hello Nanay, enjoy dyud ko mag read sang imo post.
    Nakahilak ko kay 2nd child man ko, I remember my experience when I was a child.

  3. JesuLalaine Says:

    Hehehe! hadlok man sad ta kng unsay 'secret' na mabulgar pag ako nang turn.. hahaha! doul na raba ako ky Number 4..LOL!!

  4. Princess Sarah Says:

    Pag naka sign up ka na Nay, adto ka sa member's login, sa bottom part sang donkeymails. tapos mag log in ka, be sure na correct imo username and password,then sa account menu, look for paid to click, u click it and you will be led to the adds below, makita mo ang get paid to click the adds below.
    Hope u will enjoy it, slowly lang Nay kay may naa daghan, may naa man wala, so dapat I suggest sa gabii ka sa clixsense, ang donkeymails sa hapon, try mo man sa aga pero balik balik ka kay may naa sila sa hapon o sa evening.

  5. Genejosh Says:

    he..he..nalingaw ko sa comment ni Ate Love..I'm eagerly waiting for her turn...Auntie I love reading your post. PTL kay nareveal na ang root sa iyang pagkaintrovert...bantayanan diay jud ang mga comments nato sa atong bata...I'm the eldest and I can see myself in her. Moingon na gud si papa (when I'm 20 years old na) "Nak,wa pa lagi ko kita sa imo trato"...Moingon pod ko "dah papa di ko magminyo"..he..he...ang comment ni papa na nakapaaghat sa ako mao ni "Di jud ko mosugot na walay mangulitawo nimo, makaingon pa lang ang uban pangit ako liwat"...LOL! nisugot lagi ko sa akong bana karon kay di ko gusto maingnan pangit...ha...ha...

    Have a nice weekend, te.

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    Her and History

  6. Lindz Says:

    intersting... sometimes there are disorder that are gone undiagnosed, sometimes people would say that a child is a loner or shy but maybe there could be more something to it. Nowadays there are more awareness program as to make people in our society to understand and find symptoms so that it better understanding can be implace... and nowadays if the child is naughty or loner or anythign like that we are quickly label them as that...

    but bem bem is now living a normal and happy life you mush have done a really really good job... kudos to you.. and nice to meet you.

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