Yes, it's yummy! humba and liempo, our lunch during one Sunday noon. For more yummy foods just visit Bogie, Perfectly Blended... Just click!

Church Anniversary



Last September 25, 2011 was our 15th year anniversary of our church...How time flies really remembering the time we started this church with only 6 of us having worship service in our house and the next Sundays we hold it at one of the function rooms of Philtown Hotel and Restaurant. Then we were able to rent an area of a building near Cogon Market which was caught by fire and all the things acquired by the church at that time were turned to ashes But indeed, God is so faithful that He provided much more things for this church than that were lost. ..He even provided not only a building for us to worship Him but also the comforts of worshiping Him.

All glory belongs to Him alone!

ys - Goodies


yes! lots of yummy goodies displayed on the tables at the wedding reception of my niece nuptials at Harbor Lights Hotel and Restaurant one month ago.....

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Wedding Sponsor


This was the wedding of my grandniece a few days ago which I was one of her principal sponsor. It was a lively affair mostly attended by the grooms and the brides relatives. There was nothing unique in their reception as it was the usual Filipino way of celebrating with the newly weds.

My prayers to them; that God will be the center of their relationship, which is the secret of all successful and fruitful marriages I have known.

fpf - Vacation

This photos were taken sometime in March 2008 when my youngest daughter, Love and family visited us. We went to Camiguin Island ( a part of our province) and stayed for a few days with the family of my other daughter, Mayette. This Island is one of the tourist spots in Mindanao which is not much developed so you will enjoy its natural beauty which you will rarely find its uniqueness in other places..There are many places you can go at Camiguin Island, hot and cold springs, swimming pool, white beach, water falls and many more.

Indeed, my grandkids enjoyed swimming to their delights and so with us. I hope we can go there again with all my children's family.

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My 71st Birthday


I Praise God for giving me again one year bonus of my life. Thank God for His faithfulness and blessed me with a loving and thoughtful children, beautiful and handsome grandkids... What can I asked more from Him...

I had a simple celebration only in my special day, we just eat at Shakey's and when we went home, there was a surprised cake from my youngest daughter, Love who is residing with her family in Thailand....you must be wondering how was she able to send it... well, she just let my grandniece bought it for her from Red Ribbon.

Love is fun of surprises during my birthdays. In my 65th birthday she surprises me on her presence with her hubby and daughter at the Middleton Appertelle and on my 68th birthday, my children gave me with a surprised grand party celebration at De Luxe Hotel and again she and her children were present that evening. Oh! it never occurred in my mind that they can come especially they greet me on the video which was presented earlier on that affair. Yes, that is how love expressed her love to me... Isn't great. huh?

Yes! All Glory belongs only to God....

SM kiddie Fashion


Last month SM Cagayan de Oro hold a Toon Fest, "SM CdO Toon Fest Activate Your Style". A child can participate on this affair if one just bought a children wear with a cartoon character, like Garfield, Princess, Barbie and others. This is a nationwide fest of SM, in fact it is still on going now with other branches through out the country.

Well, it was only Zboy my grandson (daughter of Mayette) who was to participate on this day. But when we were already at SM and Zboy were lining up to register, his sister Zane girl cried so much to que in line also. So. what we did, we just decided to buy her a Garfied dress so she can participate to ramp on the stage.

We were anxious how she will ramp on the stages as she has no practice whatsoever. But we were amazed when her name was called up because without hesitation she came up to the stage and ramp like a pro model.Yes, we were surprised that she was able to ramp to and fro on the stages unlike some of the kids of her age (3 years old) where too shy to ramp.

Indeed, it was a relief, though she and Zboy did not win but their experience was already a victory for them.. Perhaps next time if there is another kiddie fashion at least they can do more base on their experience. Worth it, is it not?

wfw - Purposeful Life


Acts 1:8 "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witness in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

A relationship with God is the only thing in the world that can give us what we need to build a life with purpose, to know why we even exist. A relationship with God resolves the issue of, "Who am I"? You know who we are === God childs. Paul says that when a believer trusts Jesus as Savior, he is adopted in the family of God, which unites men and women of every race. This relationship with God produces a sense of definition and purpose in life. It is the key to a successful, purposeful life.

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