Death Anniversary


Last June 27, was the 6th year death anniversary of my late husband. We, the family of Beam and Mayette went to Oro Garderns Memorial Park to commemorate this occasion. The sad thing was that we had no pictures taken because my camera was left behind while the camera of Manny and Mayette they brought were all in low batteries already. When Love, my youngest daughter called up she was a little bit dismayed that she can not see us in the pictures. So we just described to her our activities in the park especially the foods we brought.

Well, as usual my grandchildren enjoyed playing at the park while we enjoyed reminiscing the past. Beam just arrived from Cebu at this time for a seminar from their office so she was tired. Good thing we brought a mat so she was able to lie down and rest for a while.

My husband left a happy legacy for us. Almost all the good things was with him. A good provider, a loving, thoughtful and understanding father and husband. Oh! I miss him so much... I know my children also misses him.

ys- Lechon Kawali

Wow yummy! Lechon Kawali from Cafe Laguna, one of the foods ordered during the thanksgiving treat for the teachers and staff of the Little Evangel Christian School.

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fpf - Lyle's Birth

This photo was taken last October 2007 at the roof top of the Lee Gardens in Hatyai, Thailand. This was after a few days that Love, my youngest daughter had given birth to Lyle, his son. We enjoyed this moments as we celebrated another addition to our family. The mother in law of Love (in her right side) was also present, who
came all the way from Malaysia.

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The Prayer of Jabez

1Chronicles 4:10 "Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, "Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain." And God granted his request."

Jabez prayed that God's hand would be on him and protect him from harm. It is not simply missionaries who need God's hand of protection, but also moms who pack lunches and send their kids to school, and dads who face the hostility of a dog-cat-world.

Asking God to keep His strong hand upon our lives and to help us confronts our giants is neither selfish nor wrong. It is only a reminder that we are God's children, which is our privileged to ask our Father who promised to never leave nor forsake us. Prayer is also our communication with God, it brings us into harmony with what God wants in our lives.

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My Grandchildren

These are my 9 grandchildren.. Thea and Rinnah above were not able to be with the group because they were not here in the Philippine when this picture was taken. Only Tricia and Lyle with their parents were here visiting us during that time.

Rinnah and Thea daughters of my eldest son, Jinggoy
Zboy and cousin Tricia
Zboy and cousin Lyle
Tricia and cousin Zboy
Tricia and her cousin (ate reinyel)
Lyle and cousin Zane
Lyle and Tricia (brother and sister) children of my youngest daughter, Love.

My grandchildren are the joys of my life. Praise God! because their parents are practicing Proverbs 22:6 in raising them up: "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."

With this, I believe they will grow up having a personal relationship with Jesus.

ys - Birthday Cake


This was the birthday cake of Zane, my granddaughter who celebrated her 2nd birthday last April.. Though it was hurriedly done by her mom but it was so yummy because it was a chocolate moist.

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fpf - My granddaughter


With Thea, my granddaughter taken at Oro Gardens Memorial Park when we visited her grandpa (my late husband) tomb 4 years ago. They (her parents) just arrived from Vietnam for a visit here in the Philippines at that time.

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wfw - Why does God allow disasters?


Psalm 23:4 "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thous are with me; thy rod and thy stuff they comfort me."

God promises to be with his Children when they walk the deep waters, the dark valleys and when they face the fire. This promise is for His children alone and is backed by the integrity of God.

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My "Balikbayan" Friend

About weeks ago my friend who is staying in New York was here and we treated her at Kagayanon Restaurant with Clem, my best friend. Actually she always comes here once a year to visit her 2 children family who are not yet with them abroad. But I think her children here are now working out the necessary papers for them to follow their parents abroad.

Indeed my " balikbayan" friend has decided to stay here in the Philippines with her husband permanently next year as they have build their house already. When that time comes when they will live permanently here in the Philippines, they will just be visiting their children families in the States once in a while.

As they saying goes "home sweet home" is true to us Filipinos.

my "balikbayan" friend is between me in her right side and my best friend in her left side.

ys - Kare-Kare


Oh! very yummy "kare-kare" one of my favorite dish we ordered during our dine out with the teachers of Little Evangel Christian School at Cafe Laguna after their commencement program.

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fpf - My Children


This was taken when Beam was crown as a little princess during an affair (sorry, can't remember). Besides her is Mayette and Jinggoy. Love, my youngest daughter was not yet born when this picture was taken.

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ys - Calamay


This is Calamay, one of the delicacies of Bohol, Philippines. It is mixed with grind coconut meat, sticky rice and sugar. This was our "pasalubong" from Manny, my son in law when he was in Bohol.

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fpf - Thea's 5th Birthday


This pictures were taken during the birthday of Thea, my granddaughter when her family was here in the Philippines that was on August 3, 2005. The venue was at Tropical Resort as she wanted to swim at the pool. Indeed, she enjoyed her birthday celebration swimming with her cousins.

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My "Balae"

"Balae" is a Filipino dialect address to parent in laws. Mercy, my balae is the mother in law of Beam, my second siblings. She was here last December to visit the family of Beam as she is residing in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. As a widow like me, she has all the time to travel whenever she wished. She sometimes visits her relatives at Iloilo City her hometown. Among her children only the husband of Beam is far from her while her other children are her neighbors only. I admired her for she knows how to cook yummy recipes that when she was here she always shared her food to me. She is a good conversationalist that I enjoyed her company.

Below is the picture when her relatives in Bukidnon visited her when they knew she was here. They haven't seen each other for a long time so they enjoyed their bonding together.

I will be expecting her again this coming Christmas as it is already her schedule to spend the season here.