fpf - The Graduation

This was during the graduation of my daughter, Mayette who graduated with Bachelor of Science in Nursing sometimes in 1990. Sorry, I forgot the exact date... With us was my late husband...huhuhu as I was posting this the more I missed him. This is what I like on this meme it is fun but sometimes it touched your heart for the memories.

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wfw - One step to know Jesus

1 John 3:24 "Those who obey his commands live in him, and he in them. And this is how we know that he lives in us."

Jesus has come to give us life. How do we come to know Him better? By doing what He tells us to do. Obeying Jesus Christ is the very basis of life. Simply put, when we obey Christ, we live in Him, we will know the very mind of God.

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Recognition Day


Last March 31, 2010 was the Recognition Day of Immanuel Mission International School held at Pryce Plaza Hotel which was followed by the Commencement Exercises of the Graduates of the High School and Elementary Levels so with the Kinder 2 pupils. (Please read my previous post)

As you can see in the pictures Reinyel the younger sister of Renzee received her Bronze Medal and Awards (Excellence and Director's award.)She will be a 4th grader on the next school year which is on the second week of June 2010.

Sad to say, that Rehum their youngest brother a 1st grader was also a Silver Medalist with some other awards but during that day he was confined at the hospital for his tonsillitis. We missed him during the awarding ceremony...Praise God! Beam, my daughter just arrived from the hospital was able to witness the awarding ceremony of Reinyel.

Well, as a Grandmother I was proud of the achievement of my grandchildren, but of course, all glory belongs to God.

My Eldest Grandson Graduation


Renzee, my eldest grandson graduated his Elementary level at Immanuel Mission International School which was held at Pryce Plaza Hotel last March 31, 2010.
With his parents (Beam, my daughter)
And of course, with me the proud Grandma. lol!

fpf - with cousin

With my cousin, Thelma. As you can see in the picture it was taken October 10, 2005. This was at Consuelo's Steak House during the dedication of Tricia, my granddaughter while waiting for other visitors. Thelma is one of the Godmother of Love, my daughter who is the mother of Tricia. We seldom see each other, so at this occasion we had the grand time talking with each other.

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wfw - Words Reflect The Heart


Proverbs 21:23 "The one who guards his mouth and tongue keep himself out of trouble."

Although the tongue is little, it is very powerful. It can be used to encourage, comfort and instruct those around us. It can share the gospel with the lost. Or it can be used to destroy, criticize, slander or deceive others.

How about us? Do we let our tongues get us into trouble? Do we regret a hasty comment and wish we could retrieve it? Do we use our tongues to cut down others, causing them pain and sorrow? Well, it is our daily decision to allow God to control our tongue.

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photo from Googles

My Neice Birthday

Today is the birthday of Irma, my niece. She is one of my closest niece. She is also a widow like me. Praise God! because all of her children finished their course in Nursing. Her eldest is now working in England while her second sibling is working as Medical Representative in one of the Drugs Company here. Her youngest and only daughter is still reviewing for the coming Nursing Board Examination.

These pictures here were taken during her birthday celebration last year at Middleton Appartelle.You can see my grandchildren enjoyed swimming at the pool.

My prayers for her birthday: May God continue to bless her with the many things she prayed for..Granted the things she wish for: And rewarded more with the things she worked for...

Blessed Happy Birthday, Mae!

ys - Grilled Balinese Swordfish

Choice tender swordfish steak char-grilled with a touch of bali-served with shrimps fry rice and fresh onion salsa.
This was the food ordered by my daughter Beam when we dined out for dinner at Sentro 1850 after the commencement exercises of Renzee, my grandson graduation. According to her this menu was very yummy.

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fpf - Changi Hotel


This photo was taken sometimes in 2007 at the lobby of Changi Hotel in Singapore where we stayed overnight. We were waiting of the hotel shuttle bus to bring us to Changi Airport for our next flight to Hatyai, Thailand. With me in this picture is my nephew, Jun and Z boy the son of Mayette, my daughter who took this picture.

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wfw - Getting to Know God


John 14:19 "Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father."

The best way to discover God is by going to the New Testament, starting with the gospel of John. Immerse yourself in it. Pray as you read. Ask Him to touch your life.

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photo from Google

ys - Ima's Kawali

Crispy deep fried pork belly with liver sauce and spicy vinaigrette. This food is very yummy at Sentro 1850 when
we dined out for dinner after the graduation exercises of Renzee.

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fpf - My daughter, Beam


These are the pictures of Beam, my second child when she was still infant with her brother, Jinggoy (my eldest son) and when she was more than a year old.

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My Late Sister's Birthday


Last March 23, 2010 the children of my late sister, Viating prepared lots of food in memory of the birthday of their mother. It was held at Oro Gardens Memorial Park. My other sisters were present too. You see, my sister, Viating was the eldest among our siblings and she was a good, loving and thoughtful sister to us. She used also to remember my birthdays, and gave me gifts during Christmases and other occasions.

What I admired her most before was that though she was very busy, being the bread winner of the family (her husband was unable to work due to health problems) still she had time for her flower garden, read books and writing poems and etc.I believe if blogging was in during that time, for sure she was one of the blogger s..lol!

She was a devoted mother and loved her children so much..She was a God fearing person that she overcome temptations.during those hard times in her life. She wanted that her legacy for her children of being successful comes from an honest, hard works and from a good moral character.

Yes, true enough, Glory to God! her children are successful in their respective careers and businesses and are living comfortably in their own lives.

. .

ys - Fruit Macaroni Salad


Fruit Macaroni Salad a favorite recipe of my daughter, Beam. This was one of our food last Christmas..

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