My Late Sister's Birthday

Last March 23, 2010 the children of my late sister, Viating prepared lots of food in memory of the birthday of their mother. It was held at Oro Gardens Memorial Park. My other sisters were present too. You see, my sister, Viating was the eldest among our siblings and she was a good, loving and thoughtful sister to us. She used also to remember my birthdays, and gave me gifts during Christmases and other occasions.

What I admired her most before was that though she was very busy, being the bread winner of the family (her husband was unable to work due to health problems) still she had time for her flower garden, read books and writing poems and etc.I believe if blogging was in during that time, for sure she was one of the blogger!

She was a devoted mother and loved her children so much..She was a God fearing person that she overcome temptations.during those hard times in her life. She wanted that her legacy for her children of being successful comes from an honest, hard works and from a good moral character.

Yes, true enough, Glory to God! her children are successful in their respective careers and businesses and are living comfortably in their own lives.

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  1. Alicia Says:

    What a blessing to read this about your sister. She sounds like she was a wonderful mother, friend, and wife!!

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