ys -Braised Pork


Oh! it's yummy.... Isn't it.? My lunch when we dined out at one of the restaurant at Tesco in Hatyai, Thailand.

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Luke 12:15 "Then he said to them, "Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions."

Two thoughts are behind the word. First is to guard what you already have or else someone take if from you, and the second is the realization that an enemy is around so protection is needed. The enemy is materialism. It is time to wake up and realize that what counts in life can not be bought or acquired.We need to learn that more is not always better and that greed is a contagious virus that destroys what really counts. So beware! don't always be wishing for what you don't have.

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Mindanao Prophetic Conference


Last October 19 to 20, 2011 Cindy Jacobs and her husband visited Cagayan de Oro City with some of the Intercessors for the Philippines. Many Christians had attended the conference and were fully blessed and refreshed on their Christian lives.

ys - Ham and Eggs


yes! ........ it is so yummy......This was my breakfast when we were at Bangkok Airport with my daughter Love, when we stayed overnight while waiting for our flight to Hanoi, Vietnam.

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House Dedication

A few weeks ago, was the birthday of Dimple, the daughter of my best friend and her family decided to dedicate their new house also on that day. It was a lively affair attended by her office mates and close relatives and friends. As you can see on the pictures it is a nice and cozy house... Her family dedicated this to the Lord, as God really owns this building and they are only His stewards...

wfw - Born to Worshhp


John 4:24 "God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.

We need to rediscover what worship is all about. It is more than attending church. It is more than singing songs or hymns or reciting a liturgy and praying prayers. It deals more with our hearts than our bodies. It is the submission of our soul to the Almighty, recognizing His person, His majesty, and His sovereign will in our lives.

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Photo courtesy of www.thetraveldiva.info

All Souls Day


Last November 2, 2011 was "All Souls Day" here in the Philippines.. The photos above were taken when we visited the grave of my late husband at Oro Gardens Memorial Park. Yes, this park is not yet congested unlike to other memorial parks as it was only opened few years ago. So, my grandkids are excited whenever we will visit their grandpa's grave because they can run around and play..

fpf - with my youngest daughter


Yes, it's yummy! humba and liempo, our lunch during one Sunday noon. For more yummy foods just visit Bogie, Perfectly Blended... Just click!

Church Anniversary



Last September 25, 2011 was our 15th year anniversary of our church...How time flies really remembering the time we started this church with only 6 of us having worship service in our house and the next Sundays we hold it at one of the function rooms of Philtown Hotel and Restaurant. Then we were able to rent an area of a building near Cogon Market which was caught by fire and all the things acquired by the church at that time were turned to ashes But indeed, God is so faithful that He provided much more things for this church than that were lost. ..He even provided not only a building for us to worship Him but also the comforts of worshiping Him.

All glory belongs to Him alone!

ys - Goodies


yes! lots of yummy goodies displayed on the tables at the wedding reception of my niece nuptials at Harbor Lights Hotel and Restaurant one month ago.....

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Wedding Sponsor


This was the wedding of my grandniece a few days ago which I was one of her principal sponsor. It was a lively affair mostly attended by the grooms and the brides relatives. There was nothing unique in their reception as it was the usual Filipino way of celebrating with the newly weds.

My prayers to them; that God will be the center of their relationship, which is the secret of all successful and fruitful marriages I have known.

fpf - Vacation

This photos were taken sometime in March 2008 when my youngest daughter, Love and family visited us. We went to Camiguin Island ( a part of our province) and stayed for a few days with the family of my other daughter, Mayette. This Island is one of the tourist spots in Mindanao which is not much developed so you will enjoy its natural beauty which you will rarely find its uniqueness in other places..There are many places you can go at Camiguin Island, hot and cold springs, swimming pool, white beach, water falls and many more.

Indeed, my grandkids enjoyed swimming to their delights and so with us. I hope we can go there again with all my children's family.

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