ym - Tissue holder


Sorry, this is not a food but a tissue holder and for other things. I just love to share it because of its uniqueness. My grand kids were playing with it when we had dinner at MK restaurant at Hatyai, Thailand. How about you? Did you find it unique also?

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fpf- My youngest daughter

This is Love, my youngest daughter when she was having her piano lessons at the age of 6 years old.

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wfw - Why Did This Happen to Me?

1 Corinthians 10:11 "These things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the fulfillment of the age to come."

"Why did this happen to me?" is always the question asked when some one is on a difficult situation. Has that question ever come from your heart? So does God simply ignore your questions? Or does He answer in ways that you find hard to understand and, therefore, you assume He is ignoring you? First. God understand the anguish of your heart, and fortunately, is more understanding with you than you are with Him. Second, God is not obligated to explain everything that happens to us. God is God and He answers no one. Sometimes we look back in retrospect and understand clearly why something happened, but in most cases if God should tell us why something happened, we still couldn't understand. Far better it is to know that He cares and will eventually lead us out of our pain than to know why He allowed it.

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Missing again Jinggoy's family

Jinggoy, my eldest son and his family were here for a visit...Oh, it was only for a few days that his daughters were not able to spend much time bonding with their cousins as it was school days. But of course we were able to have outings, dinning out and visited the grave of my late husband at Oro Gardens. Indeed, though it was a short time only but I know my grand kids enjoyed every minute of it.. Here are the photos:

With me in this photo are my children. Jinggoy my eldest and only son, Beam at far right is next to Jinggoy and Mayette at my back is my third daughter. Hopefully this coming Christmas, Love my youngest daughter and her family will be with us. I am looking forward and excited on this day because Jinggoy and Love's families will be spending their holiday seasons with us. As time flies so fast, I know that date will just come soon. yehey!
A welcome treat for Jinggoy and Jeaneth from one of our close family friend.

Overnight at the Airport

This is the airport at Hanoi, Vietnam.. with me is my daughter in law when they met us at the airport.
This is inside the airport at Bangkok. Tricia was busy on her drawings while waiting for our flight to Hanoi at early morning. Later on she was able to sleep at the bench. lol!

While we were riding at the airport shuttle bus going to our designated flight area.

This is inside the airport at Bangkok, we passed by going to our designated area for our flight to Vietnam.

Tricia still busy on her writings while waiting to doze off at the airport (Bangkok)

Swarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok

Indeed, it was tiresome waiting overnight at the airport for our flight from Thailand to Vietnam. You see, our flight to Vietnam was early morning the next day so we decided to stay overnight at the airport to be punctual on our flight the next day rather staying on the hotel which is impractical for our flight schedule. Well, I found out our stay overnight at the airport was safe. Praise God!

ys - Braised Pork with Gravy


Braised Pork with gravy, one of the menu we ordered at Sizzler in Thailand when the family of Love had a treat to their cousin's birthday. Indeed, it was very yummy!

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wfw - God makes a difference

Psalm 53:1 "Only a fool would say to himself, "There is no God," And why does he say it? Because of his wicked heart, his dark and evil deeds. His life is corroded with sin."

Acknowledging God is there puts us on the side of majority; but if we go beyond acknowledging Him, we allow Him to touch our lives, to invade our space with His presence, and to guide and direct our lives. God never forces Himself on us. He is far more interested in us than we are in Him. He created us and put within our hearts a void that only He can fill. Today ask Him to go before us, to walk with us, and to let us sense He is there. He will! God makes a difference.

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Lantern Festival in Hat Yai

When I was in Hat Yai, Thailand, it happened that it was the start of their Lantern Festival which will end on February 28, 2011. Indeed, it was worth visiting and imagine no entrance fee required. The event is held at an open area and it was good because it was not raining at that time when we went there. My grandkids from the Philippines and the kids of Love enjoyed the most. As we walked around the park with pendant lighting, we found a lot more interesting and beautiful lanterns with exquisite designs. Yes! it was my first time to see those kind of lanterns.

Bonding with my daughter's family

I was already in Thailand when I went to Vietnam to visit my son, that is why Love and Tricia (my daughter and grandkid) were able to go with me. After our trip in Vietnam I went back to Thailand to stay more days with them. As it was my 6th times to be there, we did not go anymore to some places instead we just spend our time at home and dining out always.You can see the evidence....lol!

Indeed, I praise God! for the privileged of bonding with the family of Love especially with my grandkids. It was a happy and enjoyable moments to be with them.