Overnight at the Airport

This is the airport at Hanoi, Vietnam.. with me is my daughter in law when they met us at the airport.
This is inside the airport at Bangkok. Tricia was busy on her drawings while waiting for our flight to Hanoi at early morning. Later on she was able to sleep at the bench. lol!

While we were riding at the airport shuttle bus going to our designated flight area.

This is inside the airport at Bangkok, we passed by going to our designated area for our flight to Vietnam.

Tricia still busy on her writings while waiting to doze off at the airport (Bangkok)

Swarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok

Indeed, it was tiresome waiting overnight at the airport for our flight from Thailand to Vietnam. You see, our flight to Vietnam was early morning the next day so we decided to stay overnight at the airport to be punctual on our flight the next day rather staying on the hotel which is impractical for our flight schedule. Well, I found out our stay overnight at the airport was safe. Praise God!

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