Bonding with my daughter's family

I was already in Thailand when I went to Vietnam to visit my son, that is why Love and Tricia (my daughter and grandkid) were able to go with me. After our trip in Vietnam I went back to Thailand to stay more days with them. As it was my 6th times to be there, we did not go anymore to some places instead we just spend our time at home and dining out always.You can see the!

Indeed, I praise God! for the privileged of bonding with the family of Love especially with my grandkids. It was a happy and enjoyable moments to be with them.

2 Response to "Bonding with my daughter's family"

  1. Alicia Says:

    Wow, it looks like you had a great time, and had lots of yummy food! I bet it's hard to say goodbye each time!

  2. litlit Says:

    I smiled and teary-eyed. smiled because I am seeing the photos. Teary-eyed because I missing love's family and in Thailand as a whole. hay kamingaw oi!

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