Missing again Jinggoy's family

Jinggoy, my eldest son and his family were here for a visit...Oh, it was only for a few days that his daughters were not able to spend much time bonding with their cousins as it was school days. But of course we were able to have outings, dinning out and visited the grave of my late husband at Oro Gardens. Indeed, though it was a short time only but I know my grand kids enjoyed every minute of it.. Here are the photos:

With me in this photo are my children. Jinggoy my eldest and only son, Beam at far right is next to Jinggoy and Mayette at my back is my third daughter. Hopefully this coming Christmas, Love my youngest daughter and her family will be with us. I am looking forward and excited on this day because Jinggoy and Love's families will be spending their holiday seasons with us. As time flies so fast, I know that date will just come soon. yehey!
A welcome treat for Jinggoy and Jeaneth from one of our close family friend.

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  1. Alicia Says:

    I know..it's always hard to say goodbye to family members!! Your son looks so much like your husband. God willing you will all be reunited for the holidays!

  2. Lalaine Says:

    can't wait for Christmas!!.. nice imong template nay.. neat kau cya na tsada..

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