wfw - God makes a difference

Psalm 53:1 "Only a fool would say to himself, "There is no God," And why does he say it? Because of his wicked heart, his dark and evil deeds. His life is corroded with sin."

Acknowledging God is there puts us on the side of majority; but if we go beyond acknowledging Him, we allow Him to touch our lives, to invade our space with His presence, and to guide and direct our lives. God never forces Himself on us. He is far more interested in us than we are in Him. He created us and put within our hearts a void that only He can fill. Today ask Him to go before us, to walk with us, and to let us sense He is there. He will! God makes a difference.

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4 Response to "wfw - God makes a difference"

  1. Ozjane Says:

    Praise His name that He has revealed Himself to us as very God

  2. Kathryn Says:

    OUr eyes are blind to our own sin, until God opens them and makes himself known to us! Amane!

  3. Pia Says:

    Only a fool would say to himself, "There is no God..." --- that says it all. God shows Himself to us everyday in different ways.

  4. From the Heart Says:

    Great verse for the days we are living in. It's time for us to get our affairs and our hearts in order and lined up with God's Word.

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