Word - filled Wednesday #2


"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." Galatians 2:20

One Funny Moment

When my son Jinggoy was still in nursery, he received an award from his school for being the most inquisitive pupil. According to his nursery teacher he was so fond of asking questions.

When he reached Kindergarten, he overheard me and his father talking about his cousin Boboy who was given an award for being an outstanding student in his school. Boboy was in his grade school at that time. Jinggoy curiously asked his father "What is an outstanding student Tay?" His father answered jokingly, "an outstanding student is someone who is always called by the teacher and allows her to stay outside the classroom becuase he did something bad, or for being naughty." Jinggoy proudly replied with a big smile, "Ah, mao diay na, sige naman ko ana." ("Oh, I always experienced that in school!")

LOL! We were surprised with what he said and we were laughing. We caught him at that moment that he was naughty in school. We didn't expect him to be naughty in school only at that moment.

This is one funny moment that I can't forget about Jinggoy's childhood.

Bloggers Award


This is my 5th award I received from my fellow bloggers. But I am so sorry to them who give time to gave me their awards which I was not able to respond because being a newbie in blogging I am still learning.

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To you guys, my heartfelt thanks for the awards..

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A Bookworm


I was looking for something on the second level of our house when I came across our bookshelves. I just found out that we still have sets of books still intact, like the encyclopedia, arts, sciences and many more interesting and educational books.

I remember that it was Love, my daughter who really has taken advantaged of these books. During her childhood she preferred reading books rather than playing with other children in our neighborhood at our former house in Nazareth Subdivision, Cagayan de Oro City.

Me and her late father were amused because she was able to read even the Nursing textbooks of Vicky (my niece) during that time. That was how fond she was reading books which until now is her hobby.

Thank God that those books were spared from the flood last January. You see, those books were placed at the receiving area on ground floor earlier. But when Jinggoy's (my son) family arrived from Vietnam a few years ago and Rinnah (his daughter) was still an infant, they decided to occupy the receiving room so that Jeaneth (his wife) will not be having a hard time going up and down the stairs to go to the room upstairs. And when Love's family came again they preferred to stay on that room too. So then, I decided to renovate that area and make it a guest room and that is why the bookshelves were transferred upstairs.

So, I encourage and recommend to parents to invest in books so that their children will be inclined to read and be motivated to learn during their free time. This will really help them at this time, especially nowadays children are more attached to computer games and watching cartoons.

I can say that my investment in books has paid off because Love excelled in her studies. She even graduated her college course at the University of the Philippines, Dilliman Quezon City.

Praise God because all of my children now are also investing in books for their children. They also recognize the importance of having books in their house.

Word-filled Wednesday#1


This is my first time to join world-filled Wednesday. I thank God for this opportunity to share His word through my blog. You can also join in this weekly meme too, just visit http://www.the160acrew0ods.com/

"For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, 'Be removed and be cast into the sea, ' and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says." Mark 11:23

The Advantage of Having a Credit Card


I have a friend who is not keen to have a credit card. For her having a credit would only give her problems. Well, that is her own opinion. As for me, I got one already when credit cards are not popular as of today and I consider it a great blessing. I use it only when necessities arise. I even let my children have my supplementary cards so they can also use it for emergencies especially Love and Jinggoy (my children)  are living in other countries. Now, they are very thankful because it's very convenient for them to purchase airline tickets online. Having a credit card is truly a great blessing and a great advantage on my part. Here is one of my unforgettable experience in my lifetime.

When Love gave birth to Lyle in Thailand last October 2008, we were there with Mayette's (my daughter) family. We went to Thailand via Singapore because our promo airline ticket was bound for Singapore so we just board another plane going to Hatyai, Thailand (place of Love's family) which our flight took us only 1 hour.

Our plan was, since our plane for going back to the Philippines will be at Singapore we might as well visit the famous tourist spot,  the Sentosa Island on this country. Mayette was excited to go to that place with Zboy her son for it was supposed their first time to have visit that place. For me, it's my second time visiting this country. We set that plan on our going back to the Philippines because we do not have enough time upon our arrival from the Philippines to Singapore.

Before I forget, we were able to check in overnight at Changi Village Hotel upon our arrival in Singapore because a Singaporean pastor a friend of Jesu (my son in law) is a friend of the owner of that flush hotel and he arranged for our free accommodation. Wow! we thank God for that great blessing.

So that was it, we stayed for two weeks in Thailand bonding with Love's family, then it was time for us to go back to the Philippines. Praise God! Jesu was invited to preach in one of the churches at Johor Bahru a border between Malaysia and Singapore so we go with him in his car going to Malaysia.

Yes! we slept at Rajah's residence (uncle of Jesu) in Malaysia and early on that morning (Saturday) we rode a bus bound for Singapore while Jesu had to stopped at his destination and for us to proceed to Singapore.

Here's the astounding moment: We were in the bus and almost to arrive at Johor Bahru, while Manny and Jesu were talking with each other suddenly and unconciously they read our plane tickets and to their dismayed our plane has left the night before already. We were stunned! Imagined we were nearing the border already...Then we agreed to just proceed to Singapore to look for the office of Cebu Pacific in order to board if ever there's an evening flight. We spent too much for taxi fares but to no avail because the airline has no office in Singapore. Rajah also kept on calling the office in the Philippines but there was no answer. So we decided to go back to Malaysia instead.

We arrived in Malaysia in the wee hours of the morning, exhausted, frustrated and tired remembering our experiences at the border, catching the bus to reach the terminal to get our luggages where we checked in. And thanked God for His protection to Mayette condition as she was 5 months pregnant with Zane girl at that time. Oh! what an ordeal we experienced.

At last, thanks to Rajah for facilatating our plane ticket going back to the Philippines and of course using my credit card. We thanked God for inspite of the many trials we encountered we arrived safely at Cagayan de Oro still on time for our scheduled arrival because in our ticket from Singapore we will be landing at Cebu City. Thanks to Tintin, the close friend of Love who facilatated our plane ticket from Manila to Cagayan de Oro City and the friend of Manny who met us at Clark (Diosdado Macapagal International Airport) so we were on time to board our domestic plane. We thanked God for their lives.

Now when we are reminded for all those things we experienced, we gave thanks to God on His words in James 1:2-3: " Consider it pure joy, my brothers whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops persevirance." (NIV)

Remembering My Dear Sister

This photo was taken during my 68th Bday Celebration with my dear sisters. 
(My sister  Purie was the 1st lady from left)

Today is Mother's Day and I remembered my dear sister Purie who is now in heaven worshipping our Creator. She was a good, loving, and a thoughtful mother. Oh! how she worked hard for her children's welfare. She loved her children dearly that I never heard if she had any ill feelings towards them. Surely, her children will miss her always.

She was also one of my closest sisters because we often looked after each other’s financial needs. She was so thoughtful that she does not fail to remember my birthdays. Now that I am residing in Balulang and lived near to her house she's always the first to give me a present on my birthdays. Her son Bubong will come to our house early in the morning to hand me her gift. Also, during Christmas time the first gift I will receive was from her, especially delivered again by his son. What’s more amazing was that, I am not the only one who has a gift but also my children. 

Not only that, she never forget to share with me whatever financial blessings she had. One time she went to my office to hand me "my share" of the financial blessing that she got that day. You can't imagine how generous she was to me.

During her wake, I just found out from one of her church mate’s testimony that she did not attend one of their activity because of what had happened to me. Last January, my family and I were affected by a flood and we were forced to leave our houses during that time. Her church mate mentioned that my sister Purie was so worried about me and said she will not be comfortable joining any activity. I guess she chose to stay home that time and prayed for me and my family. I really did not know what she was feeling right at that moment. When I heard about this story, I was truly touched by her gestures.

I remembered the last time she came to my house a few months before she passed away, as usual bringing something for me. We had a great time bonding together, we were lying on the bed, resting and chitchatting. Oh! I just treasured that moment.

As I write this post, I truly missed her and she will always be in my heart. I know and I believe she is now with the Lord and someday, somewhere we will be seeing each other.

To my dear sister Purie, I love you and I miss you more each passing day. I thank you so much for the wonderful sister that you were to me!



Last May 1, 2009 a Praise and Worship Festival was held at Celebration International Worship Center (formerly Rizal Theater) located at Capistrano St., Cagayan de Oro City. It was a whole day affair which started at 7:00 am and ends up at 7:00 pm. Almost all of the Music Team of the local churches in Cagayan de Oro participated on this event.

When we arrived at the venue, the place was almost filled with the people who were enjoying the presence of God. And then I noticed that lots of them were wearing tribal costumes on different colors and styles. I thought they were wearing that tribal costumes for their presentations. But to my surprised I found out they were really tribes coming from the inner most places of Bukidnon and Agusan Province.

It truly amazed me that the Word of God is penetrating not only in the urban areas but also now at the exurbs places of Mindanao.


A Happy Granny!

My Grandchildren:
Reinyel with his older brother Renzee

Last night I was surprised when Reinyel, my granddaughter volunteered to sleep with me in my house. Why surprised? Because she always refused my invitation to sleep with me whenever my niece Che-Che (my usual companion) goes home to her place. Instead, my grandson Renzee (his older brother) sleeps with me. Anyways, I understand her refusal because she is not used yet to sleep in another house. She is still 8 years old and treated as a "baby" in their family being the only girl among the siblings. And last night was the first time we slept together.

Well, usually in my room I turn off the lights when we are watching TV its because of the glaring lights and it feels uncomfortable with my eyes. When we were about to sleep I saw Reinyel reading a book with only the illumination of the TV lights, so I told her to switch on the lights so she can read very well. And you know what? I was amazed because what she was reading was her Bible. I found out she is used to read her Bible and pray before she goes to sleep. I never expected that at her age she is already faithful of her spiritual life.

I praise her parents for that, its really one of the most important things they have imparted to Reinyel letting get into the habit of having a daily devotion with God. This is one spiritual discipline or exercise that can really help her in every aspect of her life.

In the future, parents can not always be with their children to guide and lead them BUT HAVING GOD as their guide, nothing else would matter.

I just hope that this habit of Reinyel can be built in her continuously until she will turn to be a grown up lady and faces the challenges of life. Proverbs 22:6 says "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old not turn from it."(NIV)