A Bookworm

I was looking for something on the second level of our house when I came across our bookshelves. I just found out that we still have sets of books still intact, like the encyclopedia, arts, sciences and many more interesting and educational books.

I remember that it was Love, my daughter who really has taken advantaged of these books. During her childhood she preferred reading books rather than playing with other children in our neighborhood at our former house in Nazareth Subdivision, Cagayan de Oro City.

Me and her late father were amused because she was able to read even the Nursing textbooks of Vicky (my niece) during that time. That was how fond she was reading books which until now is her hobby.

Thank God that those books were spared from the flood last January. You see, those books were placed at the receiving area on ground floor earlier. But when Jinggoy's (my son) family arrived from Vietnam a few years ago and Rinnah (his daughter) was still an infant, they decided to occupy the receiving room so that Jeaneth (his wife) will not be having a hard time going up and down the stairs to go to the room upstairs. And when Love's family came again they preferred to stay on that room too. So then, I decided to renovate that area and make it a guest room and that is why the bookshelves were transferred upstairs.

So, I encourage and recommend to parents to invest in books so that their children will be inclined to read and be motivated to learn during their free time. This will really help them at this time, especially nowadays children are more attached to computer games and watching cartoons.

I can say that my investment in books has paid off because Love excelled in her studies. She even graduated her college course at the University of the Philippines, Dilliman Quezon City.

Praise God because all of my children now are also investing in books for their children. They also recognize the importance of having books in their house.

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  1. Nenette Says:

    Hi nay, ur right...this is where i miss to do for my kids. i seldom buy books for them. but i guess it's not yet too late. was more encouraged to buy them some. nice post nay.

  2. Genejosh Says:

    I agree with you Auntie. I admit I'm a voracious reader too and so thankful for my father investing books, encyclopedias and national geographics for us. When I'm still young, his office in the church became our mini-library.

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