One Funny Moment

When my son Jinggoy was still in nursery, he received an award from his school for being the most inquisitive pupil. According to his nursery teacher he was so fond of asking questions.

When he reached Kindergarten, he overheard me and his father talking about his cousin Boboy who was given an award for being an outstanding student in his school. Boboy was in his grade school at that time. Jinggoy curiously asked his father "What is an outstanding student Tay?" His father answered jokingly, "an outstanding student is someone who is always called by the teacher and allows her to stay outside the classroom becuase he did something bad, or for being naughty." Jinggoy proudly replied with a big smile, "Ah, mao diay na, sige naman ko ana." ("Oh, I always experienced that in school!")

LOL! We were surprised with what he said and we were laughing. We caught him at that moment that he was naughty in school. We didn't expect him to be naughty in school only at that moment.

This is one funny moment that I can't forget about Jinggoy's childhood.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hahahaha !! those are really the small almost unimportant important memories that you should treasure. =) nice post !! =) precious diay ni . hehehe !

  2. Familia Caballero in Vietnam Says:

    lol!!lagi cge gyud na ginashare ni jinggoy kay alythea pud nay, magkatawaha dayon c thea..

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  4. litlit Says:

    ha ha ha...naka bahakhak jud ko nay sa imong post....God bless!

  5. Pam Says:

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  7. Mommy Phebie Says:

    hi nay...joker au imong post...hehehhe

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