Last May 1, 2009 a Praise and Worship Festival was held at Celebration International Worship Center (formerly Rizal Theater) located at Capistrano St., Cagayan de Oro City. It was a whole day affair which started at 7:00 am and ends up at 7:00 pm. Almost all of the Music Team of the local churches in Cagayan de Oro participated on this event.

When we arrived at the venue, the place was almost filled with the people who were enjoying the presence of God. And then I noticed that lots of them were wearing tribal costumes on different colors and styles. I thought they were wearing that tribal costumes for their presentations. But to my surprised I found out they were really tribes coming from the inner most places of Bukidnon and Agusan Province.

It truly amazed me that the Word of God is penetrating not only in the urban areas but also now at the exurbs places of Mindanao.



  1. simply divina Says:

    Oh my, nay ikaw man diay ni. Gahilak jud ko pag abli nako sa imo blog. I miss you. How are you doing? Wala nako na yupdate ako blog kay grabe ko ka busy. I'm so blessed with your family. We are hoping to go home next year with my sister. Pregnant nako nay for 3 month. Keep in touch,nice blog :)... Truly God is Amazing! Nay bless kaayo ka nga imong mga anak kay nag pagamit jud sa Ginoo. I love you and miss your smile...

  2. Nenette Says:

    Hi nay! We have the same observations sa p&w festival. I was about to join the dancing kay bibo na kaayo. I missed my dance troupe before, but I would rather dance again for the Lord...

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