Remembering My Dear Sister

This photo was taken during my 68th Bday Celebration with my dear sisters. 
(My sister  Purie was the 1st lady from left)

Today is Mother's Day and I remembered my dear sister Purie who is now in heaven worshipping our Creator. She was a good, loving, and a thoughtful mother. Oh! how she worked hard for her children's welfare. She loved her children dearly that I never heard if she had any ill feelings towards them. Surely, her children will miss her always.

She was also one of my closest sisters because we often looked after each other’s financial needs. She was so thoughtful that she does not fail to remember my birthdays. Now that I am residing in Balulang and lived near to her house she's always the first to give me a present on my birthdays. Her son Bubong will come to our house early in the morning to hand me her gift. Also, during Christmas time the first gift I will receive was from her, especially delivered again by his son. What’s more amazing was that, I am not the only one who has a gift but also my children. 

Not only that, she never forget to share with me whatever financial blessings she had. One time she went to my office to hand me "my share" of the financial blessing that she got that day. You can't imagine how generous she was to me.

During her wake, I just found out from one of her church mate’s testimony that she did not attend one of their activity because of what had happened to me. Last January, my family and I were affected by a flood and we were forced to leave our houses during that time. Her church mate mentioned that my sister Purie was so worried about me and said she will not be comfortable joining any activity. I guess she chose to stay home that time and prayed for me and my family. I really did not know what she was feeling right at that moment. When I heard about this story, I was truly touched by her gestures.

I remembered the last time she came to my house a few months before she passed away, as usual bringing something for me. We had a great time bonding together, we were lying on the bed, resting and chitchatting. Oh! I just treasured that moment.

As I write this post, I truly missed her and she will always be in my heart. I know and I believe she is now with the Lord and someday, somewhere we will be seeing each other.

To my dear sister Purie, I love you and I miss you more each passing day. I thank you so much for the wonderful sister that you were to me!

7 Response to "Remembering My Dear Sister"

  1. Genejosh Says:

    She's a very nice sister. You're blessed with it.

    HAPPY mother's Day po!

    Mother's day here is on August 12

  2. litlit Says:

    Truly it's a wonderful relationship! Teary-eyed here nay....Happy mother's day nanay. And you are such a wonderful Nanay.....God bless your more and more!

  3. Nenette Says:

    Happy Mother's Day nay...ur one of a kind

  4. My Li'l Princess Diary Says:

    naka hilak ko nay... I'm sure ikaw sad, while writing this post.

    God bless nay!! And Happy mother's day again..Thank you so much for being such a loving, generous and great Nanay!

  5. Princess Sarah Says:

    It's great to have a sister lik her. You are blessed Nay! Happy Mother's Day din sa 'yo. God bless!

  6. Pam Says:

    I am blessed to have a wonderful sister. She is also my best friend. I can't imagin not having her in my life. I am sorry for your loss...
    Thanks for visiting, have a blessed day.

  7. grace fancubit Says:

    AS I read your blog about mama Purie, I can not help but sobbed reading between the of this time, Im still crying.When I woke up that sunday morning... I cried so much..

    Thanks auntie for remembering Mama...

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