My "Balae"

"Balae" is a Filipino dialect address to parent in laws. Mercy, my balae is the mother in law of Beam, my second siblings. She was here last December to visit the family of Beam as she is residing in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. As a widow like me, she has all the time to travel whenever she wished. She sometimes visits her relatives at Iloilo City her hometown. Among her children only the husband of Beam is far from her while her other children are her neighbors only. I admired her for she knows how to cook yummy recipes that when she was here she always shared her food to me. She is a good conversationalist that I enjoyed her company.

Below is the picture when her relatives in Bukidnon visited her when they knew she was here. They haven't seen each other for a long time so they enjoyed their bonding together.

I will be expecting her again this coming Christmas as it is already her schedule to spend the season here.

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    pareha mo nay, naka stripes...

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