My 71st Birthday

I Praise God for giving me again one year bonus of my life. Thank God for His faithfulness and blessed me with a loving and thoughtful children, beautiful and handsome grandkids... What can I asked more from Him...

I had a simple celebration only in my special day, we just eat at Shakey's and when we went home, there was a surprised cake from my youngest daughter, Love who is residing with her family in must be wondering how was she able to send it... well, she just let my grandniece bought it for her from Red Ribbon.

Love is fun of surprises during my birthdays. In my 65th birthday she surprises me on her presence with her hubby and daughter at the Middleton Appertelle and on my 68th birthday, my children gave me with a surprised grand party celebration at De Luxe Hotel and again she and her children were present that evening. Oh! it never occurred in my mind that they can come especially they greet me on the video which was presented earlier on that affair. Yes, that is how love expressed her love to me... Isn't great. huh?

Yes! All Glory belongs only to God....

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  1. Lalaine Says:

    wow!! na ibog ko da! Bibo kau mo ug lami kau ang pizza tanawon..heheh! Ila ni nang bem nay? ky lahi na mn gud ang dining..hehhe!

    God bless you Nay and buying the cake is the least we could do, sa kadaghan ug sa tanan na imo na buhat sa amo.. the Best Nanay ng bayan.. hehehe!!Luv u nay!

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