One of the Hospital in Hatyai(Rajyindee Hospital)

Sometime in the year 2006, me, my children Mayette and Beam with their husband went for a vacation at Hatyai, Thailand where Love's (my other daughter) family is residing. After 2 weeks, my children went back to the Philippines for them to resume their office works. So I was left alone because I had one month leave from my office. And there I had to wait for Jinggoy's (my son) family from Vietnam and then we will be together in going back to the Philippines.

Unfortunately a few days after my children left for the Philippines, I was confined at Rajyindee Hospital, one of the private hospital in Hatyai because of stone in my gallbladder.

But, you know what, I was so impressed with this hospital because of their accommodation and services. Imagine, it was like I was billeted in a hotel, everything were provided from slippers to toiletries. The refrigerator was full of chichiria and others which only you have to pay it if you got one just like in the hotel. The patients are always fresh and clean because twice a day nurse aides bathe the patients and changed their bedding. And aside from the TV and other necessary items provided, there was also a microwave oven which we were able to heat our left over pizzas and food. There was also a wi-fi connection so Jesu (my son in law) was able to use his lap tap.

And that was not all, most of their nurses were friendly, kind and very concerned in attending to their patients. But I was not able to communicate well with them because of language barrier. They have only a few English words. But I Praise God because one of my attending physicians speaks very good English because he had traveled a lot and even visited one of the hospitals in Manila.

In my thoughts, how I wish our hospital in the Philippines have this kind of hospital. Well, I don't know also in Manila if there are hospital like this. But here in Cagayan de Oro we are very far behind in spite of the new hospitals now recently built.

Love told me there is still another hospital (Bangkok Hospital) more high tech but only the payments are in dollars. Wow! ... She also informed me that on reception area on that hospital is a grand piano with a pianist that plays soothing music all through out the day. It must really be like a 5 star hotel-hospital.

But there is still hope in my country as long as God is on the throne.. I love my country and I know and I believe not only me who is praying for the fast economic recovery but many christian are in travail in praying for our beloved country, Philippines. Some day our country will be so progressive. God bless my beloved Philippines.

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  1. Bogie Says:

    I'm sure kung in ani atong hospital services, wala juy magduha2 ug pa hospital :) Anyway, we're hopeful that God will do something for our country.

  2. litlit Says:

    Nay, I think...all things work together for good coz you rested at that time. Yes, I was confined at the same hospital, and I truly appreciated their services and everything is provided! When I was in that hospital, I felt like I was checking at the nice hotel...PTL!

  3. Genejosh Says:

    I agree with you Auntie..Jan ako nanganak..feeling ko naghoneymoon...he..he...

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