Our Place in Balulang

Before this was only our rest house. During those times we came only during weekends, where my children used to swim in the river, played in the tree house, breathed the fresh air and most of all, felt the serenity of the place. There were times our friends came along with us. During special occasions we held our celebration here with our friends and relatives. Our church activities are held here until now. There are other churches also which do their activities here like water baptism, camping and fellowshipping especially when the tree house was still intact, it was the favorite of the young people's place. Oh! before I forget, Beam's (my daughter) wedding was also held here, it was like a barrio fiesta, many JIL pastors from other places came because Bro. Eddie Villanueva was the officiating minister of the wedding ceremony. Then after the wedding of Beam some friends and relatives also held their wedding in this place.Lol! And to think now, the kiosk where the ceremony was held is already their residence. Ha.ha.ha. what a coincidence.

Even before, it was already the desires of my late husband to build our house here instead at Nazareth Subdivision. He was a nature loving person so he preferred to stay in this place. But I was the one who objected since our children were still studying. Even though we had a car and its only 5 kilometers from the city proper but during that time there were only few houses in the warea even in the roadside. This place used to be filled with coconut trees which some of it were owned by my in laws. Now there are already plenty of subdivisions (housing projects) in this Barangay.

Why we were able to reside here now? Well, when Mayette finished her B.S. in Nursing (she is a R.N.) she did not want to work in the hospital, but instead wanted to manage a business of her own. So then we put up a grocery store in Tinao, a place located 14 kilometers from the city proper. It was along the highway and near the Pepsi Cola Bottling Corp. But unfortunately, that was the start of economic crises so our business was one of the many affected businesses. So then we decided to rent out the building and close the grocery store. But, we could no longer move back to stay in Nazareth Subdivision because was used by Little Evangel Christian School at that time ( until present), a preschool and one of the ministries of our church. Yes, there was no other alternative but to stay here in Balulang to which my husband was pleased that at last his desire to stay in this place was granted.

Now, I am happily and contented living in this place with Mayette's and Beam's family as my neighbors. I thank God for giving us this place far from the maddening crowd. Jinggoy, my son is planning to build their house here but I think not in this riverside area ( afraid of the flood maybe.hehehe) but at the roadside area. We will still be neighborsbut only a little bit far.

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  1. Familia Caballero in Vietnam Says:

    Hi Nay..thanks for this post..mingaw na mi sa suba!gina imagine na namo especially nga init na kaayo diri sa Hanoi karon..refreshing kayao maski picture ra.

  2. Nenette Says:

    Hay nay. Na-delay pa ang atong pagka-silingan hehe...another prayer item sa family. Gusto na kaayo ko mag-neighbors na ta. cge lang; a prayer away...

  3. litlit Says:

    Bitaw nay oy, tsada kaayo ni na lugar jud. God bless you!

  4. Genejosh Says:

    I love your place auntie..I want to reside in a place like this..

    Salamat sa bisita Auntie...Hectic na ako sched.sa klase karon mao panagsa nalang ko kasuroy diri...

    Nice kaayo imo mga write-ups auntie oi..Inaabang-abangan ko..he..he..My lil boy has cold now but he's sleeping kaya nakalugar sa ko suroy...

    Our Adventures Together/
    Her and History

  5. Genejosh Says:

    Auntie kanindot kasuroy diha pohon..we plan to visit CDO when I'll renew my teacher's license there next year..Take care po...

    Our Adventures Together/
    Her and History

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