My Children - Chapter 1

I will be posting about my children. I hope you will enjoy reading it and I know you will learn some lessons from it.

My first child and only son is Jinggoy. I had a hard time giving birth to him. Imagine, I was in pain in 2 days and my bag of water already broke up on the first day, so I was in dry labor. During that time ceasarian operation was done only for extreme cases so my doctor used 'forceps" which I found out later was a crucial method because if not done carefully it will result to the baby's brain damage. He came out a blue baby which my late husband1nformed me later that my doctor baptized him as she was unsure of the baby's life. I was sedated at that time so I did not know what was going on. And after a day, we were overjoyed because he was well and because of it my husband treated the doctors and nurses with a special snack for our gratitude and thanksgiving.

Jinggoy grew up as a normal child, though at his early months we always had to go to the pediatrician due to some minor illnesses. In his growing up years, he did not give us any problems, he got mistakes as a child normally does. Though we love and cared for him, he was disciplined. My husband used his belt to discipline him but at a proper time and place. He let him lie down on our sofa with his buttocks up where he would belt him. But my late husband does not punish him at the peak of anger when the child has done wrong. He would wait for the time his anger subsided and only then he would punished him. His reason was that, he might cause too much pain for his son which he will regret later on. This method had an advantage because Jinggoy at that time would be very careful not to commit mistakes because according to him, he was not aware when he will be punished. Of course, after the punishment his father explained the reason why he was punished with expression of our love to him and let him promised not to do it again.

Back to my first born, Jinggoy, when he reached at his early twenties, something happened. At one time, a few minutes after midnight, he knocked on our bedroom and said he wanted to talk alone with his father in another place urgently. We were surprised. I for one was a little bit anxious thinking he might have gotten a girl pregnant. I knew for a fact that girls were coming to our house for him. So his father droved to Macabalan Pier. The Pier was only a few minutes drive from our place in Nazareth Subd. During that time late hours of the night, the pier was deserted because all vessels have already sailed on.

There, Jinggoy confessed to his father that he was able to try one of the illegal drugs with his friend. He was confessing because he felt guilty, thinking that we are a good parents to him, we love and cared for him and was vey ashamed that he did those things.

Yes! What a relief, for it never occurred in our mind nor even suspected that he was on it. In fairness, there was no time that he was not able to sleep in our house. So they had a heart to heart talk with his father and concluded that he was to work in Rectan Wood Products, as one of the furniture designer as he was also an Architecture student. It so happened that his father was the Managing Partner of that prestigious furniture manufacturing at that time in Cagayan de oro City. So that was it, he worked there until such time he stopped working to enroll in a Mission's Course.

Well, he is now in Vietnam, happily married with 2 lovely kids. His wife, Jeaneth is teaching in one of the International School there while he is working full time in his ministry.

As we looked back, we sympathized those persons we know who are in use for this illegal drugs, they need love and cares from their parents which we know the parents concerned are not aware of it.

All glory belongs to God! We thank Him that we had raised my son with love, care and understanding. Ephesians 3:20 "Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us." (NIV)

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  1. Nenette Says:

    That's why you really are model parents and grandparents nay. You're such a blessing to your children and grandchildren.

  2. Genejosh Says:

    Auntie thanks for sharing this one..I really learned a lot..lalo na the way you disciplined ur children...I do appreciate your Godly ways..Thanks for the visit and prayers..we're all fine...

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