My Best Friend's Birthday

Today is the birthday of my best friend, Clem but the party was last Saturday at Xavier Estate Country Club.It was only attended by her family and close friends and relatives. It was a surprise party given by her family.By the way she is already 70 years old. All the visitors came with a shade of green as her favorite color.

How time flies, her children are successful in their career and has a family of their own. She is a fulfilled woman having no problems of their family until now. And to think we are still the best of friends. Below are some of our pictures.

This is her youngest daughter who is a Doctor of Medicine.
These are her children, the eldest is a son and 3 daughters , we are the same having 4 children with the same category. lol!

This is me! giving her a simple message.

My children, Beam and Mayette with their husbands, Raul and Manny.

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