Dinner with a Cause

Election day in the Philippines is on May 10th this year. It is already fast approaching and all the candidates are very busy campaigning for their positions. For the meanti me, we, the citizens are now thinking who to vote for the upcoming elections : President, Vice President, Senators and local officials.

Last January 29, 2010 we were invited for a dinner with a cause. This was sponsored by the Pelican Club of Cagayan de Oro. The Pelican Club is composed of Christian Doctors, Professionals and Businessmen in the city. During this dinner, we had Atty. Perfecto Yasay as one of the mains speakers. Atty. Yasay is a candidate for Vice President under the Bangon Pilipinas Movement.

The main cause for the Pelican Club is to extend help to the poor and the needy and other concerns that may arise. They extend financial support also to some establishment that needed finances.

Praise God for the beneficiaries of this club. May their good cause will prosper and help more people in need.

Here are our photos during the said dinner.

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  1. Alicia Says:

    Looks like the dinner had a great turnout last year. Will they be having another one again?

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