ym - Pinakbet

It is pinakbet! tasted yummy we ordered from Kagayanon Restaurant during one of our dine out with my friends.

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6 Response to "ym - Pinakbet"

  1. Junneth Says:

    This is very Yummy Nay! I WANT TO TRY THIS!

  2. Jenn Says:

    How cute... nakalagay talaga sa kalabasa! Yummy!

    my Yummy Sunday post

  3. Vernz Says:

    what do they do with the kalabasa after... sana di itapon sayang..lol..

  4. Bogie Says:


    Perfectly Blended

  5. Jay - agent112778 Says:

    kagayanon resto? yung nasa Rosario arcade?

    oo nga, i hope ma re-cycle ang kalabasa, sayang ang mahal pa'man din nyan

    here's my YUMMY SUNDAY entry

  6. Pearl Says:

    Looks yummy! That's so precious here in Iowa...Mahal ang gulay sa Asian Store:-) I miss pinakbet:(

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