My Birthday

When my late husband was still alive we used to have a big celebration during my birthdays as it is also our wedding anniversary. But now, it is my children who always give surprise celebration for me. I never expected that they will give a simple celebration on this day because they had given me already a big celebration during my 68th birthday (my debut 50 years ago) held no less in a hotel ballroom...It was a memorable event because my youngest daughter's family was around though I missed my eldest son family's also that time. I am sure you had read about it in my older post.

Well, this time the simple party was held during our prayer meeting at our church which really a surprise to me.

I really thank God for blessing me a thoughtful and loving children with a good in laws and a wonderful grandchildren. To God be the glory.

During my thanksgiving message to my church mate, relatives and friends who gave effort and time to attend this celebration in spite of flooded streets they had passed through... Yes, our prayer meeting started late because of their late arrivals due to the flooded roads.
One of my closest niece, Grace (Amazing Grace) and grandniece, Bogie (Bogie's Wonderland) they told me that if not for my special day they will just stay home due to the bad weather. Yes, very touching words. lol!
Another surprise! my sisters came in spite of the bad weather, just imagined they lived a far distance from this place. My elder sister Manang Celing also came despite her health condition. Another touching moment which I could treasure in my entire life. I know they love me because I am their youngest sister.

With me in the picture are Beam and Mayette's family.. Greetings from Love's family was in a video while the video of Jinggoy's family greetings was late so he posted it only on Facebook.
Indeed, it was a truly memorable birthday celebration, again another wonderful surprise for me. Praise God!

3 Response to "My Birthday"

  1. Female Stuff Says:

    You have a great big family and may God bless you and your entire family all the time :)
    Happy Birthday

  2. Bogie Says:

    Nakita na jud nako akong face dinhi Nay! You are loved because you are a kind Nanay!

  3. Lita C. Malicdem Says:

    I'm sorry I was late for the party. But here's a hug and a mwahhh! Belated Happy Birthday, my dear friend! Sounds like you are never alone. In God's ways, all is well in the lives of widows like us. Good is really good! Alleluia!

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