Bonding with my son's family ( Part 2)

This is how we crossed the road in Hanoi, Vietnam, hold hands together and slowly walk and crossed the road. It was scary, imagined motorbikes just passed all directions but my son told me to just close my eyes so I will not feel nervous which I did. lol!
Motorbikes are common as their means of transportation there in Vietnam. So that is why highways are flooded with motorbikes and very scary to those who are new in that place to cross the streets because the drivers just passed all directions. It seems they just go straight at you. You can see all kinds of people riding on motorbikes, some of them are well dressed women with high heels. Both my son and my daughter in law has a motorbike on their own to go to there working places. Cars are minimal because only the very rich can afford to buy as it is very expensive. So that is why they used motorbikes instead as their services in order to reach their destination on time. Buses and taxis are their public transportation only, you can also see many bicycles roaming around to those less privileged people.

You see lots of motorbikes in the background of this picture.

Whew! motorbikes are used transporting appliances like in this picture and also bulky ones like refrigerator as my son's family have witness. I just can't imagine how they do it, but that is!

Well, my next post will be a little bit a "culture shock" to you......

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