wfw - Strongholds

Nahum 1:7 "The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble.

You will never understand that God is a refuge until you run to Him and throw yourself upon His mercy to ask protection and help. Need a refuge? Most earthly strongholds have massive doors and can be entered by walking. The refuge God provides is entered by kneeling.

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13 Response to "wfw - Strongholds"

  1. jhunnelle Says:

    I just finished reading the book of Nahum today, this is one of the verses that touched my heart.


  2. gemini Says:

    Love this text Ma'am Lauren, can I call you like this name? Thanks for sharing, happy WFW!

  3. Brian the old man Says:

    Amen! He has been there with me in so many struggles, I truly am thankful! Happy WFW!

  4. Amy Says:

    Love it!
    Happy WFW!

  5. Ozjane Says:

    We so need that stronghold.

  6. From the Heart Says:


  7. Pia Says:

    He truly is. amen!

  8. AirForceWife and Mommy of Two Says:

    gorgeous! Love the post. I am following you from Word-filled Wednesday. Hope you can do the same and check out my post :)

  9. LauraLee Shaw Says:

    Love the powerful simplicity of this. Amen!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Following from Word Filled Wednesday here too. Thank you for reminding me of this verse today! It is SO true... and yet I so often need to be reminded that God is GOOD and that he is there when I need him.

  11. Pia Says:

    if there's a stronghold that we have to have in our lives, it's this stronghold.

  12. Susan Says:

    I was blogging around this evening andf ound your blog. I love reading all the different blogs, they are all so interesting and unique. Thank you for letting me visit, and have a blessed evening.


    hi mother.... this is a nice sharing! God bless

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