My Best Friend

Those who know me and Clem to be the best of friends are amazed because our closeness lasted for so many years. Imagine, we have first known each other since our childhood days but we become even more closer during our college days. Because of our closeness, her friends and my friends also become buddies with us. But still, our friendship is beyond comparable as what our other friends noticed. Though after our college graduation, she worked in Quezon City (one of the biggest city in the Philippines) which is very far from our place, we still kept in touched by letters ( which was the only means of communication before). Then afterward, she was able to transfer in our place Cagayan de Oro and got married. Two months of her wedding, I got also married. Fortunately, our husbands got along well and they even became business partners and hunting buddies. Their friendship also lasted until the death of my husband.

Well, my friendship with Clem has not been marred by misunderstanding between us and our family. Perhaps, it's because even if we're so close but still we respected each other lives. We cared each others children, understand each others needs and everything. Clem is a reserve person, kind and generous.

Back to the years when our children were still in school, their classmates also see the closeness with our children that they thought they were cousins. You see, Clem and I let our children study in the same school with 3 of our kids studying in the same classes. We also go out together as a family and are never absent to any special occassions.

Clem and I are also in the same church. She was actually the first one to have a personal relation with Jesus, then she prayed for me. Dimple's (her daughter) family are with us in the same church. It is our prayer that Dimple and Mayette (my daughter) family will continue our legacy to be the best of friends.

Below is a post from my daughter, Love who also wrote in her blog a few months ago about me and Clem.

---- ---------------- BEST FRIENDS FOREVER !!---------------

They were BFF even long before the acronym has been 'invented' . They first met when they were still in their elementary years in Camp Philips Bukidnon and their friendship continued till High School , College, marriage, they had children, grand children up to the present.

This is the friendship between my Mom and Auntie Clem. Through the years they have been best of friends. They're so close that they seemingly 'agreed' to both have 4 children ( 1 son and 3 daughters) and with the age gap so close. My brother, Jinggoy has the same age as Auntie Clem's son , Nong Jong, my sis Bem has the same age with Nang Gigi, my sis Mayet has the same age with Dimple but I am 2 years older than Auntie Clem's youngest daughter Jill. All the 3 eldest kids went to the same school (Kong Hua) while Jill and I were in Montessori. My father and Auntie Clem's husband ( Uncle Henry) also became hunting buddies and were Masons.

I remember when we were small, we always have night outs and campfires with Auntie Clems family. Jill and I even thought that we were cousins and we only got to find out that we were not related when we were quite older.

So, that's my mom and her's just so rare to find such friendship and closeness such as this.

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  1. Alexis Says:

    This is SUCH a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing about your best friend!

  2. Cathy Says:

    A cute picture, thank God for our friends.

  3. Alicia Says:

    What a blessing to have found a friendship like this!!!! It is very rare!!!

  4. Faye Says:

    that kind of friendship must be treasured.
    last month i landed on a blog, posting about her best friend who backstubbed her.
    your friendship is wonderful that even your daughters also become best friends.

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