Happy Birthday to my Beloved Son

This picture was taken at Oro Gardens Memorial Park, Cagayan de Oro City.

Today is the birthday of my son, Jinggoy. They just arrived from Vietnam yesterday afternoon.
Days passed so fast that they are now here and my count down has ended. (remember my post, "Jinggoy's family is coming,")

Yes! he is 41 years old now. It is still fresh in my memory how difficult giving birth to him (read my post, "My Children, Chapter 1).

Tonight our family and the family of Jeaneth ( his wife) will have a get together and welcome party for his birthday at one of the famous restaurant here in Cagayan de Oro. I will be posting pictures for it on my next post.

8 Response to "Happy Birthday to my Beloved Son"

  1. Bogie Says:

    Hello nay, please send my birthday greetings to Kuya Jinggoy! :) God Bless!

  2. Alicia Says:

    Hi Laurencita! What a blessing to have your son there for his birthday! He is only one year older than me!!!

    Have a blessed time with him and his family!

  3. Princess Sarah Says:

    wow Nay, kamusta na? Pls tell Jinggoy happy bday. Ang saya pag kasama ang pamilya di ba?

  4. Faye Says:

    pls do extend my birthday wishes to him
    wish him good health
    wish him joy
    wish him long life!!!

    enjoy your day!!!

  5. Lindz Says:

    oh happy birthday to Jinggoy, have a very merry party.

  6. Nenette Says:

    Nay please extend our birthday greetings to jinggoy. Happy eating hehehe

  7. litlit Says:

    Nay, pls extend my birthday greetings to Jinggoy. God bless u

  8. grace fancubit Says:

    aunti, tell jinggoy happy birthday. Sunod ra mi ako July 22.. Cant help but praise God ! We are growing old in His grace..

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