Happy Birthday of my Blessed Child

Today is the birthday of my daughter, Beam. I've written about her in one of my series of post about my children. If you want to read about it please click HERE.

I would also like to take this opportunity to greet my 2nd child, Beam.

Happy Birthday Beam!

May you been blessed with things you pray for..... Granted the things you wish for... And rewarded with the things you work for.


5 Response to "Happy Birthday of my Blessed Child"

  1. mimi Says:

    Happy Birthday to your dear daughter!

  2. Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility Says:

    Happy birthday to her!

  3. litlit Says:

    Happy birthday to you, Beam. God bless you more and more!

  4. JennyMac Says:

    How sweet! I hope she had a great bday.

  5. Princess Sarah Says:

    wow, belated happy bday to Beam beam Nay,
    You're all blessed.

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