Another Funny Kids Moment

Thea and Rinnah, my wonderful grandchildren

When Love, my daughter was about 5 years old, she was fond of her cousin's baby that she always wanted to cuddle, hold and play with her as often as possible.

One afteroon, the mother of the baby went to get something for a while and Love willingly volunteered to hold the baby and put her on her lap.

While the baby was on her lap, suddenly the baby farted and lo! you know what happened? Love was not conscious that she was holding the baby on her lap that she immediately covered her nose thinking only she might smell the bad odor. And since she used both hands to cover her nose, the baby fell down on the floor! Praise God that nothing happened to the baby because she was still in a sitting position when she fell down on the floor.

Lol! Love was very pale at that time. She understood what she had done was wrong. She expected perhaps that she would be reprimanded by the mother. Well, the mother of the baby was understanding and besides the baby was unharmed that time. I believed Love at that time had fixed emotions.

But all was well.. and the baby that fell down has now grown up, married and with 2 children. :)

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  1. Sheila Says:

    Hoppin in to say hi. LOL what a great story!

  2. Stacey Says:

    Your grandchildren are adorable:)
    Cute story too!

  3. janet Says:

    hi aunty, what a great blog you have. it's nice to see posts from a mom's perspective. your posts about your children warm my heart. :D

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