Awards! Awards!

Oh! My awards had accumulated. Some were given a few weeks ago but this is only my time to post and pass it on. Hmmm...but as they said, better late than never.

I would like to express my deepest thanks to all my friends in the blogsphere who always remember me in their awards moments. These are the following awards;

This awards were given to me by Gene and Nenette I am passing this to the following blogs:
1. Lalaine's World

6. From Rajah & Theresa with Blessings

This award was given to me by Gene and I am passing this to the following blogger;
1. One Day at a Time
2. Times Like These
3. The Entrance Central Coast-NSW

This award was given to me by Grace and I pass this to the following:
1. Our Adventures Together
2. Trying to be Fit

3. Genuine Cuisine

This award was given to me by Nenette and Faye and I am passing this award to the following:
1. A Taste of My Life
2. Not a Shopaholic
3. Memories and Crystals

To the newbies in this blogsphere just accept the award by posting it in your blog together with my name and my blog and pass the awards to other blogs you have discovered.

2 Response to "Awards! Awards!"

  1. Alicia Says:

    Wow! You are the award queen!!!

    Thank you so much for passing some on to me! That means alot!!!

    Have a very blessed day, Laurencita!


    thanks sa award nay.. ako sa tigumon tanan...hehehehe para isa ra mag spread.

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