Last Saturday, June 27th was the 5th year anniversary of my husband, but because my son in laws were busy and we can not go there without our own car, we were only able to visit his grave the next day. You see, Oro Gardens (place of his interment) is very far from our place and its secluded so there are no available public transport for us to go there. So, last Sunday afternoon, we went to Oro Gardens. Oh! it was raining when we arrived there so we were not able to stay long. My grandchildren were even dismayed because they were not able to play around the place as they used to.

Now, as I'm writing about my husband's death anniversary, I'm now reminiscing how my husband loved me and my children. He was a wonderful husband and a father. Besides being a God fearing person, he was incomparable for his thoughtfulness and faithfulness. He was also so caring and a loving person. Yes, we were a happy and a very contented family. We were always going together whether dining out, outing and etc.

I could remember that even some of his nephews looked him up as their loving father which they missed from their biological father. It was to him they ran and asked for advices and encouragement. Some of these nephews still keep in touched with me and reminding me that they still remember my husband. It touched me so much.

I praised God for giving Leonel, as my husband. I am missing him but I know someday, somewhere we will see each other again.

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  1. litlit Says:

    Yes, amen to that nanay...

  2. Lindz Says:

    some day you will be together again

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