Renzee's Birthday

A few days ago was the birthday of Renzee, my eldest grandson. Since he is already 12 years old, he does not enjoy having birthday parties anymore.

Yes, he has grown up, days passed so fast that when I looked at him he is already very tall. Sometimes at a distance, I would mistakenly think that he is my son in law (his father) because they already have similar height and body!

Now that he's older, he wants to be independent. He even asked permission from his father to take public transportation to back home instead of being fetched with his siblings by their father. On occasions, his father would allow him to go back home by himself.

During his birthday, my gift for him was just cash money so that he will be able to choose and buy what he really wanted for himself. He wanted to go out and buy by himself but sad to his part because he was not permitted to go to the mall alone. His parents are not yet confident for him to go out alone. Of course, as an obedient child he did not insist. So, together with his father they went shopping and I learned that he was the one who chose the things he bought.

When he arrived from shopping, he went to me and showed the things he bought; shoes, hat, fashion wrist watch and some small items and he thanked me for the money I gave.

Surely, I know he truly enjoyed shopping on his own that day and was happy for his birthday.

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  1. Lindz Says:

    teh kasi teenager na eh, unti unti na siyang nagiging independent... kaka worried naman kasi talaga an panahon ngayon eh, kahit ako di ko mapayagang mag isa ang anak ko mahirap na eh... very generous ka teh sa apo mo kaya naman siguro tuwang tuwa siya..

  2. Lalaine Says:

    hahah! in the pic, both renzee and his taytay really look father like son gyd..hehe

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