FPF #9 - The Engagement

This picture was taken in 2001 during the Engagement of Jesu and Love. I was wearing a saree
(an indian costume) with me were Theresa, auntie of Jesu and Amma the mother of Jesu with my late husband, Leonel. My saree was not properly tied here. lol!

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10 Response to "FPF #9 - The Engagement"

  1. Alicia Says:

    That is so pretty! I bet it's really comfortable too!

  2. ☼¨`*•.♥RocĂ­o♥.•*¨`☼ Says:


  3. Pia Says:

    indian costume is beautiful. love the colors.

  4. chubskulit Says:

    Wow lovely sare costumes!

    Nostalgic Marveling
    Etcetera Etcetera
    Spice up your LIFE!
    Obstacles & Glories

  5. nicquee Says:

    I like Indian costumes because they're so colorful. I joined too.


  6. chubskulit Says:

    I am now following your blog so I wont miss your updates..

    This is my photo flashback

  7. sweet_shelo Says:

    nice sare costume nay.. Have not worn something like that pa..

  8. The imPerfect Housewife Says:

    That is just beautiful ~ I love all those colors and I think everyone looks so happy. GREAT picture for FPF!

  9. Leah Says:

    Beautiful occasion. :)

  10. Carin Says:

    Looks like a wonderful time. The saree is very pretty. Great flashback.

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