A Surprise Birthday Celebration

My birthday is fast approaching and remembered my birthday celebration last year. It was actually a surprise birthday celebration for me planned and made by my children. I never knew until my birthday that they had all planned the celebration several months before it.
A few days before my birthday, I was surprise to receive an invitation. It was for my birthday with a note that I will buy either a pink or a purple dress for that occasion. Of course, that was my first surprised and the venue was De Luxe Hotel Ballroom. I was astonished! thinking of the expenses, especially now in the Philippines it is crisis. They just replied that they have already saved for the affair.

The most surprising of all was when Love, my daughter with her children was my special gift during the program. I never thought that they will be present on that special day. I was expecting her and her family to arrive from Thailand by December of that year. I was stunned at that moment. I had mixed emotions, then Jinggoy's family called and greet me. I was overjoyed but still missed the family of Jinggoy so with Jesu, the husband of Love who was left behind in Thailand because of some matters to attend before he can leave.
Oh! the program was wonderful and well planned. Thanks to my great niece, Bogie who was the emcee and one of the organizer of the party. All of these things will be cherished in my heart. But there was still void in my heart, I missed also my husband, Leonel. I know if he was around he will be pleased also to my children efforts for the surprised celebration.

But of course, everything went well, my sisters, friends and relatives, all of them enjoyed the affair. Glory to God! Here are the pictures of the celebrations:

They were preparing for the surprise. I thought the purple gift which I was opening was the surprised.... but it wasn't..

My Kids and their spouses... I am so thankful for their lives.
Beam and Ptr. Raul, Mayette and Manny, Love without Jesu. Jinggoy and Jeanette did not make it.
My lovely daughters (Beam, Mayette and Love)
My children and grandchildren
I missed Jinggoy's family (Jeaneth, his wife and his daughters, Thea and Rinnah) and Jesu, the husband of Love.
My grandchildren gave me a dance presentation during the party. I was very happy for it.

My Cake - it was made from Kathryn's Bakeshoppe. Grace the owner made it really very special for my birthday. My children only paid a little for this but she made it very nice coz she wanted it to be a birthday gift for me. She even added 2 towers of potato puffs that interests a lot of my guests because it was delicious.

My granddaughter Reinyel led the opening prayer. She's such a cutie.

4 Response to "A Surprise Birthday Celebration"

  1. Robyn Says:

    Looks like a grand time. You are a very Blessed woman!

  2. maritz Says:

    looking at the pictures... I can not help but reminded with mama purie. She wanted to celebrate her bday too with green as the motif. 4 days before she was rushed to the hospital, we had an intimate eat-all-you can dinner at Lighthouse. I purposely invited her there so that she can see the mezzanine floor, the proposed venue of her birthday. Sadly a month before the big event... she stepped on heaven.Wow! I am teary eyed... i rather stop here. Advance Happy bday nay.. When man?

  3. Alicia Says:

    How blessed you are to be surrounded with loving family and friends!!! I would be speechless!!!

    Those are wonderful pictures. I can only imagine your surprise when you saw all the people there to celebrate your birthday.

    The cake is so pretty!!!

  4. Princess Sarah Says:

    Wow, so wonderful Nay, Happy Birthday! It's really a big celebration. God bless you more and more, Nanay!


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